WSGLT partners to complete its 100th conservation project |

WSGLT partners to complete its 100th conservation project

CHEYENNE, Wyo. — Partnerships between conservation organizations are key to successfully conserving agricultural lands in Wyoming and across the nation. Recently, this partnership displayed a significant event when the Wyoming Stock Growers Land Trust completed its 100th conservation. The easement project was completed in partnership with The Conservation Fund.

The project, located in Sublette County, which was transferred to WSGLT earlier this month, is a wonderful example of two conservation organizations working in the best interest of ranching families and the Wyoming landscape. “Working in partnership with ranching families and the WSGLT, we accomplish several key objectives,” said Dan Schlager, Wyoming state director for The Conservation Fund. “We protect a family’s ranching heritage for future generations and conserve critical habitat for Wyoming’s spectacular wildlife species that depend upon the ranch’s open spaces. We’re grateful to the many ranching families we’ve worked with for their vision, to WSGLT for our long-time strategic alliance, and to all of our partners and funders for the effectiveness of our collaboration in accomplishing these great successes together.”

Projects like this highlight the benefits of partnerships. The fund is driven to make conservation work for America by creating solutions that make environmental and economic sense, including acquiring conservation easements that preserve both habitat and ranching traditions. The organization then transfers the easements to local land trusts to hold and steward going into the future. The WSGLT has been a trusted partner of the fund for over 10 years and has worked on over 20 projects with the organization.

Bo Alley, executive director of the WSGLT, commented, “Over the past 18 years, the Wyoming Stock Growers Land Trust has developed strong partnerships and trust among the Wyoming agricultural community. This milestone is a testament to those efforts. We are proud to work with organizations like the fund and Wyoming ranch families to conserve the vital agriculture lands and ecosystems that are emblematic of the West – that preserve our history – and that provide boundless opportunities for the future.”