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WTO arbitrator grants tariff rights to China

The World Trade Organization has granted China the right to impose tariffs on products valued at $645 million in a case in which the United States argued that China benefits from easier treatment at the WTO while subsidizing manufactured goods and dumping them on world markets, Reuters reported.

A spokesman for U.S. Trade Representative Katherine Tai said, “The deeply disappointing decision today by the WTO arbitrator reflects erroneous appellate body interpretations that damage the ability of WTO members to defend our workers and businesses from China’s trade-distorting subsidies.”

“Today’s decision reinforces the need to reform WTO rules and dispute settlement, which have been used to shield China’s non-market economic practices and undermine fair, market-oriented competition. The Biden administration will continue to use all our tools to stand up for the interests of America’s workers, businesses, farmers and producers, and strengthen our middle class.”

China has not said what U.S products might be subject to tariffs. but there is always the possibility that it could impose tariffs that would make U.S. agricultural products more expensive.


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