Wyoming Livestock Board chapter rules out for public comment

The Wyoming Livestock Board voted at its Jan. 20, 2022 board meeting to amend its Chapter 9 rules governing brand inspection and brand recording fees. The proposed changes would offset cuts made to the general fund portion of the brand inspection program’s budget. The Wyoming Livestock Board also voted to amend its Chapter 21 rules governing recording, transfer and renewal of livestock brands. The proposed changes would make it easier for a person to obtain an abandoned brand that was originally recorded for multiple species. Further information on the proposed rules is in the Statement of Reasons.

Statement of principal reasons for revisions to Chapters 9 and 21 of the Wyoming Livestock Board’s rules:

Proposed revisions to Chapter 9: Brand inspection fees rules and regulations

There have been significant cuts to the board’s brand Inspection program in the last several fiscal years. The proposed increases in brand recording and brand inspection fees are designed to offset most of the cuts in funding for the program that have already been implemented.

The majority of the changes proposed would be to brand recording fees. Traditionally, brand recording fees in Wyoming have been among the lowest in the nation and that would continue even if these fee increases are adopted. There are also some small increases in the brand inspection fees, which would mostly affect fees for some horse inspections, the brand inspection per visit surcharge, the permanent brand inspection fee, and for in-state movement permits and out-of-state accustomed range permits. The changes proposed are in the following sections:

Section 4. Brand Inspection Fees

The fee for brand inspection horses, mules and asses would increase from $13.50 to $15. The brand inspection surcharge fees would increase from $11.25 per visit to $12. The permanent brand inspection fees would increase from $23 to $25.

Section 6. Range Permits

The fee for an in-state range movement permit would increase from $80.50 for the first permit to $100. The fee for any additional permit issued to a permittee would increase from $69 to $85. The rate for inspection for an out-of-state accustomed range permit would increase from 30% of a regular brand inspection, to 35% of a regular brand inspection.

Section 7. Brand Recording Fees

The fee to apply for a new brand would increase from $165 to $200, and adding an additional species would increase from $82.50 to $100. The fee for recording a previously recorded brand would increase from $330 to $400. The fee for extending a brand’s active term past the standard 10 year renewal would increase to $400 for each renewal period up to 50 years (20 to 50 year renewals), and after 50 years (for 60 to 100 year renewals), the rate would increase an additional $250. The fee to record a bill of sale or other transfer of ownership would increase from $110 to $137.50.

Section 8. Fees for Modifying a Brand’s Active Term

The fees for modifying a brand’s active term are prorated into future renewals. For example, if a person has two or more brands and wished them to be renewed at the same time, they can elect to move a brand into a future renewal, at a prorated cost. The fee to modify a brand’s active term for two years would increase from $66 to $80. The fee to modify a brand’s active term for four years would increase from $132 to $160. The fee to modify a brand’s active term for six years would increase from $198 to $240. The fee to modify a brand’s active term for eight years would increase from $264 to $320.

Proposed revisions to Chapter 21: Rules governing the recording, transfer, and renewal of livestock brands

The only proposed change to the Chapter 21 rules is in Section 6. Following long term board policy, the current rules state that if a person applies for reissuance of an abandoned brand, the board can only reissue it exactly the way it was previously recorded, which means for the same species and in the same locations on those species. Many times a person has applied for reissuance of an abandoned brand, but could not get the brand reissued because there may be a conflict on one species of a multi-species brand. Additionally, an applicant often times wants the brand for only one of the species that does not have a conflict, but the board cannot approve that application because current rules state that reissuance of an abandoned brand is all or nothing. The board has received several requests from the public to change this part of the rule.

The proposed change in the rule would allow an applicant to ask for reissuance of a multi-species abandoned brand for fewer species than it was originally recorded for, which would address both issues. For example, if an applicant wants an abandoned brand for horses, but that abandoned brand was originally recorded for use on horses and cattle, the board could reissue it as just a horse brand, provided that there are no conflicts with other active brands for horses.

To view the proposed rules please visit the or websites. To submit a comment, please mail to: WLSB, c/o Rule Comments, 1934 Wyott Drive, Cheyenne, WY 82007, or email

If you have questions regarding the revision of these rules, please contact the Wyoming Livestock Board at (307) 777-6443 and ask for Brand Commissioner Lee Romsa or Livestock Board Director Steve True. We will be accepting public comment on these rules from Feb. 17, 2022 until April 13, 2022.


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