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Wyoming Livestock Board renews Trichomoniasis Special Focus Area

The Wyoming Livestock Board met July 11 to discuss renewing and updating a March 2013 board order that created a Trichomoniasis Special Focus Area. Due to the threat of Trichomoniasis remaining in Uinta, Lincoln and Sweetwater counties, the board amended and renewed the board order. Trichomoniasis is a venereal disease of cattle that causes cows to abort early in pregnancy and become temporarily infertile. The disease is incurable in bulls.

The board’s Chapter 15 Trichomoniasis rules were revised in 2016 and the 2013 board order needed to be updated to remain consistent with the current rules. The new board order requires all bulls not still nursing their mothers and originating from or entering the Special Focus Area to be tested negative for Trichomoniasis one time by PCR test between Sept. 1 and May 31 of the following year or before being exposed to female cattle. Sample pooling is allowed for bulls not from affected or exposed herds. Virgin bulls must be identified with an official Trichomoniasis test tag with a “V” notch applied by a veterinarian.

The new board order (numbered 2017-01) can be found on the Wyoming Livestock Board’s website at wlsb.state.wy.us. The board will consider comments from cattle producers regarding this new board order at a future meeting.

Comments or questions may be directed to State Veterinarian, Jim Logan, at (307) 857-4140 or email to jim.logan@wyo.gov.

Another, separate rule requires that bulls imported into the state test negative twice for the disease. Logan said that the board has proposed updating that rule. The recommended rule modification would allow bulls to be imported into the state with just one negative Trichomoniasis test.

The public can comment on this proposed rule change from now until Aug. 4, online at http://wlsb.state.wy.us/ or by mailing comments to: Wyoming Livestock Board, 1934 Wyott Dr., Cheyenne, WY 82002.

Logan said he doesn’t anticipate a lot of opposition to the one-test proposal and he’s hoping it can be implemented as early as the end of September.


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