Wyoming man ties arena record at San Antonio Rodeo

Aaron Vosler from Cheyenne, Wyo., had the fastest steer wrestling run of his career at the San Antonio Stock Show Rodeo on Tuesday night. He tied the 2014 arena record at 3.0 seconds and won the first round of Bracket 3.
Photo by Greg Westfall

SAN ANTONIO, Texas – When Aaron Vosler arrived at the San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo on Tuesday, he had no idea how the rest of the night would go, but he was hopeful that he would get a check in the steer wrestling and that he would have a chance to advance to the semifinals in the AT&T Center.

The first thing he noticed was the temperature difference. When he left Wyoming, temperatures had been well below freezing and with the wind chill factor many days had sub-zero lows. Arriving here with an outdoor temperature in the high 60s felt like summer for the cowboy, so he broke out his summer straw hat. His horses made the trip with him and while they were enjoying nicer weather, they were also sweating.

The sweating stopped after Vosler made his first steer wrestling run here. He tied the arena record of 3.0 seconds set by Timmy Sparing of Helena, Mont., in 2014. No one was more surprised than Vosler.

“I kept looking back and staring at the barrier string,” Vosler said. “I knew that I had a good start, but I was just waiting for them to tell me that I’d broken the barrier.”

That didn’t happen and he got to make a victory lap around the arena. He added $2,500 to his checking account. The full-time rodeo cowboy and his 19-year-old gelding that he calls Slammer will be back to compete on Wednesday and Thursday night. He is a favorite to advance to the semifinals with this win under his belt, but regardless of what happens the rest of the rodeo, his name will go down in the history books as a record setter here.

“It hasn’t sunk in,” Vosler said of the record. “I’ve never been that fast before. I just hope the momentum stays with me.”

Bareback rider Ty Breuer from Mandan, N.D., has some momentum on his side. He left the Fort Worth Stock Show & Rodeo with the title last Saturday night. He was the top bareback rider here on Tuesday night as well. He rode Lancaster and Jones Pro Rodeo’s Total Equine’s North Country for 85 points to win $2,500.

It’s never a surprise to have a member of the Wright family on top of the saddle bronc riding leaderboard. Tuesday night it was all Spencer, the 2014 Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association world champion, that earned the biggest check. He rode Andrews Rodeo’s Cat Walk for 83 points.

Wednesday night’s competition will see Bracket 3 contestants in their second round. Action starts at 7 p.m.

The following are results after the seventh performance of the San Antonio Stock Show Rodeo, the 14-time Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association Large Indoor Rodeo of the Year.

Bracket 3, round 1 —

Bareback Riding: 1, Ty Breuer, Mandan, N.D., 85 points on Lancaster and Jones Pro Rodeo’s Total Equine’s North Country, $2,500. 2, (tie) Tanner Aus, Granite Falls, Minn., and Logan Patterson, Kim, Colo., 80 and $1,625 each. 4, Steven Dent, Mullen, Neb., 79, $750.

Steer Wrestling: 1, Aaron Vosler, Cheyenne, Wyo., 3.0 seconds, $2,500. 2, Hunter Cure, Holliday, Texas, 3.3, $2,000. 3, (tie) Justin Shaffer, Hallsville, Texas, and Blake Mindemann, Blanchard, Okla., 3.6 and $1,000 each.

Team Roping: 1, Clay Tryan, Billings, Mont., and Travis Graves, Jay, Okla., 4.9, $2,500. 2, Cody Snow, Los Olivos, Calif., and Wesley Thorp, Throckmorton, Texas, 5.2, $2,000. 3, Kaleb Driggers, Hoboken, Ga., and Junior Nogueira, Presidente Prude, Brazil, 5.5, $1,250. 4, Bubba Buckaloo, Kingston, Okla., and Hunter Koch, Walters, Okla., 6.6, $750.

Saddle Bronc Riding: 1, Spencer Wright, Milford, Utah, 83 points on Andrews Rodeo’s Cat Walk, $2,500. 2, Mitch Pollock, Winnemucca, Nev., 81, $2,000. 3, Allen Boore, Axtell, Utah, 79, $1,250. 4, (tie) Rusty Wright, Milford, Utah and Cort Scheer, Elsmere, Neb., 77, $375 each.

Tie-Down Roping: 1, Haven Meged, Miles City, Mont., 8.8 seconds, $2,500. 2, Cody Craig, Wendell, Idaho, 9.0, $2,000. 3, Caleb Smidt, Bellville, Texas, 9.1, $1,250. 4, Dane Kissack, Spearfish, S.D., 10.0, $750.

Women’s Barrel Race: 1, Katelyn Scott, Odessa, Texas, 14.29 seconds, $2,500. 2, K.L. Spratt, Lysite, Wyo., 14.39, $2,000. 3, Teri Bangart, Olympia, Wash., 14.40, $1,250. 4, Cheyenne Wimberley, Stephenville, Texas, 14.42, $750.

Bull Riding: 1, Koby Radley, Montpelier, La., 90 points on Powder River Rodeo’s Honey Man. 2, Trevor Reiste, Linden, Iowa, 87, $2,000. 3, J.T Moore, Alvin, Texas, 83.5, $1,250. 4, Jared Parsonage, Maple Creek, Saskatchewan, 80, $750.