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Wyoming Stock Growers Association announces new officers

CHEYENNE, Wyo. – The Wyoming Stock Growers Association announced the addition of several new Officers: Scott Sims, David Kane, Dan Frank, JW Rankin and Brad Mead. The new appointees bring extensive knowledge of Wyoming’s agriculture industry to the association’s leadership. We look forward to working with them as we continue to serve the livestock business and families of Wyoming by protecting their economic, legislative, regulatory, judicial, environmental, custom and cultural interests.

Previous First Vice President Scott Sims, has been announced the Ppresident of the WSGA. Sims resides in Albany County. Sims’s goal is to make ranching possible for the next generation of ranchers in Wyoming by providing opportunities to do so.

David Kane was elected as the first vice president. Kane lives and ranches in Sheridan County. Kane’s goal for WSGA is for all members to voice their ideas and concerns for the betterment of the organization and industry.

The new Region II vice president is Dan Frank. Frank lives in Laramie County near Meriden. Frank’s goal is to carry on and strengthen the association’s mission of protecting the viability of the cattle industry in Wyoming.

JW Rankin of Converse County was elected as the Region III vice president. Rankin’s goals for WSGA is focused on working to advance Wyoming’s cattle industry by taking an active position to ensure the industry moves in the right direction while fending off attacks.

Brad Mead was elected Region IV vice president and hopes to increase awareness about the benefits of membership and participation in the Wyoming Stock Growers Association across a broad spectrum of producers and wildlife advocates.

The new officers were elected on Friday, June 7, during the Business Meeting held by the WSGA membership in Gillette, following the 2019 Wyoming Cattle Industry Convention. Learn more at http://www.wysga.org or call (307) 638-3942.


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