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ZumBrunnen Angus Female Sale

TFP Rep: Matt Wznick

Date of Sale: 11/17/2020

Location: At the Ranch Near Lusk, Wyoming

Auctioneer: Wes Tieman

Sales Manager: CK6 Consulting


38 Registered Angus Females Averaged $2612

16 Embryos Averaged $468 each

Top Open Heifer:

Lot 4 at $10,000, ZA Isabel HO48, 2/27/20, REG#19781638, MILL BRAE IDENTIFIED 4031 x BALDRIDGE ISABEL C273, sold to Moon Creek Cattle, IA

Top Bred Heifers:

Lot 1 at $3500, ZA GENE 9024, 2/21/19, REG#19444849, BALDRIDGE ALTERNATIVE E125 x ZA GENE B5061, Sold to Revers Rocking R Ranch, Maxwell, NM

Lot 2 at $3500, ZA NEW FIRE 9092, 3/6/19, REG#19444708, GAR SURE FIRE x ZA MISS NEW RITO B3107, Sold to ELK Angus, Buffalo, Wyoming

Top Pregnancy:

Lot 11 at $3500, CO70 x NO DOUBT, 2/27/21, HOOVER NO DOUBT x PINE VIEW RITA CO70, Sold to Gillilard Livestock Inc. , CA


Beautiful fall weather was on order 11/17/2020 for the ZumBrunnen Angus Female Sale held at the ranch near Lusk, Wyoming. A nice lunch was served and buyers were given plenty of time to evaluate the cattle. Congratulations on a great sale!

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