ZumBrunnen Angus Ranch Bull Sale

Ranch raised children are known for getting creative when it comes to playgrounds. Jumping off of feed sacks provided plenty of entertainment for these kids waiting for the Heifer drawing.
Photo by Matt Wznick

• TFP Rep: Matt Wznick

• Date of Sale: March 14

• Location: ZumBrunnen Ranch Lusk, Wyo.

• Auctioneer: Wes Teimann

• Sales Manager: CK6 Consulting — Chris Earl

• Averages: 91 Bulls Average $3597


• Lot 1 at $6,000, ZA COLONEL 8802, DOB 9-8-18, BALDRIGE COLONEL C251 x CHAIR ROCK PROPHET 3071, Sold to Larry Rising, Crawford, Nebraska

• Lot 23 at $6,000, ZA GREAT GAINS 9251, DOB 2/27/19, BASIN PAYWEIGHT 1682 x SANDPOINT PLEASANTPRIDE 9103, Sold to Dillon Hager, Torrington, Wyoming

• Lot 9 at $5,500, ELK ZA CAPITALIST 316-934G, DOB 3/15/19, LD CAPITALIST 316 x SCC BLACKCAP6224-7127, Sold to Rod Nelson, Lusk, Wyoming

• Lot 60 at $5,250, ZA BULLET 8807, DOB 9/18/18, BALDRIDGE BULLET B720 x McKellar Enlass Breeta 4151, Sold to Dennis Horton, Riverton, Wyoming

• Lot 2 at $5250, ZA GENERAL 8403, DOB 3/2/19, BALDRIDGE COLONEL C251 x ZA MISS TEN X B5047, Sold to Brian Palm, Mitchell, Nebraska

• Lot 58 at $5250, ZA GRANITE PEAK 9209, DOB 2/14/19, WERNER FLAT TOP 4136 x ZA STOCKMAN BULLET B7037, Sold to Ken Dixon, Lance Creek, Wyoming


Jason and Shirley ZumBrunnen, along with their family, held their Annual Spring Bull Sale, at the ranch near Lusk, Wyo, March 14,2020. Despite the blizzard like conditions, a large crowd of buyers filled the seats and they were served a nice meal prior to the sale. The ZumBrunnen family believes strongly in the importance of youth in the agriculture industry and donated a heifer that was given away in a drawing held after the sale for any youth in attendance between the age of 6 years old to 17. Congratulations on a great sale! ❖