Always appreciate positive feedback |

Always appreciate positive feedback

I want to thank everyone who visited The Fence Post booth at the Colorado Farm Show in Greeley.

All the comments about the magazine and the people who work to produce the weekly magazine were so great. Those kind and encouraging comments makes my job worth doing.

As I’ve told you many times before it’s always easier for people to write to us or talk to us when they are angry, so I any positive comments, emails and letters are so appreciated.

At the end of December after I wrote my “Eat meat to protect your brain” editor’s note in the Nov. 29 issue, I and my staff received an especially nasty email.

The email said. “Go vegan or go to hell you awful demon.” That message was in all capital letters and it went on to say, “Do you ever consider the lives of cows, they are not just protein. They have more of a soul that you ever will you child of satan, you heartless demon! You are going to go to hell for that article, I swear.” That sentence was followed by several exclamation marks, frowning emojis and fire (probably the fires of hell) emojis. The email ended with,” The world will stop eating animals, but you’ll be eaten when you die and go to hell. Hell was written in all caps and followed by several more exclamation marks.

I’ve been called a lot of things, but I admit, this is the first time that anyone called me a child of satan.

I think he proved the point of my editor’s note. Sounds like somebody needs a big, juicy steak.

Luckily I’ve developed a thick skin in my 30-plus years of reporting, writing and editing newspapers and magazines.

As I always say, I have nothing against vegetarians, they can eat whatever they want. I just don’t appreciate it when they condemn those of us who aren’t vegan.



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