The Young Politician |

The Young Politician

On the Edge of Common Sense
Baxter Black, DVM

He rose in the class, hand over his heart

And spoke of his future career

“The political ring’s where I’ll throw my hat

I love the applause and the cheers.”

“I’ll learn all the buzzwords, and then make some up

Like mandate and flexible goals.

Ecoelastic alternative tax

With built-in confusing loopholes.

“Inflation, deflation, reliable source

I’ll climb the political rungs

And dazzle the voters with rhetorical quotes

And the art of speaking in tongues.

I’ll master the impasse and walk on the fence

I’ll be brilliant, incisive and wise

When it comes the time to put conscience aside

I’ll vote for the best compromise.”

He told all his friends ‘bout running for “Pres”

The word got around in no time

His high-school adviser took him aside

And laid all his doubts on the line.

“I doubt that you’ll ever be President, son.”

He said, and I’m sure that he meant it.

“But with your attendance record so poor,

You might have a chance for the Senate!”

Go Vote! And remember, “Be humble in victory and gracious in defeat” – Christopher Earle. ❖