Beef facts over fear

As a cattle rancher and a registered dietitian, contributing to a healthy diet in a way that reduces the carbon footprint is my top priority. We manage land using sustainable practices and in my job I want people to understand that beef can support healthy diets at every life stage.

Lean beef is a great addition to a heart-healthy, balanced diet, plus it is tasty and versatile. I feel good knowing I’m feeding my kids beef that has nutrients like iron, zinc and B12. Beef also complements other healthy foods in our diet like fruits, vegetables and whole grains.

As ranchers, my husband and I work hard to take care of our animals in a sustainable way. Our cattle eat spent grains from a local brewery, which puts a waste product to productive use and provides beneficial probiotics to the cattle. The grains are full of moisture too, so they are a great source of hydration, which means we use fewer valuable resources like water.

Evidence-based research supports the sustainability and nutrition of including beef in healthy diets. I trust the science.


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