Beware of ‘help’ from the federal government

I’m sure you all know this famous quote from former President Ronald Reagan, “Government is not a solution to our problem government is the problem.”

It is never truer than today.

I believe there are some areas where the federal government must be involved especially international affairs.

But these days all the federal government wants to do is throw money at every problem that crops up. Let’s keep in mind that the only money the government has to throw around comes from us in the form of taxes of they just print more money causing inflation.

There are other ways to solve problems and many times state and local governments are in a better place to help its citizens. For example, many of our institutions such as those educating our children should be left up to state and local governments. Every school in the U.S. is different and they all have their own ways of successfully educating our children.

As it pertains to agriculture, the federal government should be involved in import-export issues but when it comes to the actual farming of land and raising of livestock farmers and ranchers should be able to do their jobs without interference from the feds. If there are issues, the state and local governments should be left to tackle them.

Biden has also decided to follow former Barack Obama’s rules regarding the Waters of the U.S. where every stream and pothole would be scrutinized. Farmers and ranchers know their land and certainly understand the importance of water to every aspect of agriculture.

I am also worried about President Biden’s plan to pay off student debt. I, like many of you, went to college and paid off my debt. It took a long time, and I was still paying off that debt after my first daughter graduated from high school.

She knew she would not be able to rely on her parents to pay for her college, so she joined the U.S. Air Force and got her education paid for. My youngest daughter followed in her footsteps.

If we pay for students’ education — and I emphasize we pay — it will cause a myriad of problems. First, paying off college loans is a rite of passage that teaches fiscal responsibility. If taxpayers are paying for students’ education what would stop them from taking classes that won’t lead to a viable career or maybe some will become career students and never graduate.

The federal government’s actions during the spread of COVID-19 were also a debacle. They basically took away all our rights as U.S. citizens by making us wear masks — even though the medical community has not said definitively that they stop the spread of COVID and all its variants — they also shut down schools even though school children were safer from the virus than the rest of society.

To make matters even worse mask mandates led to the firing of first responders and health care providers when we needed them the most.

Someday we are all going to look back on this and we will wonder what in the heck was going on. And why aren’t we investigating China or whoever allowed this virus to spread throughout the world.

Enough of my ranting, let’s all keep praying for the Ukrainians in their fight against the Russians.


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