Black: A minority needs help |

Black: A minority needs help

Question: What do cable TV and “Where your food comes from” have in common?

Answer: Television ag programming is beneficial and educational to the curious public people who eat food and the food producers who provide the food they eat.

Interesting surveys: population of U.S. 327 million people that eat, 3.2 million is the number of food producers that feed them.

How do the 327 billion who eat communicate with the 3.2 million?

“Ranchers and farmers of all colors, races and ages make up a mere 2 percent of our entire population. Talk about minority groups!”

Television/internet is the biggest communicator in the country ­­­— on Earth.

Seventy-nine percent have a television, 77 percent communicate over the internet.

National television is owned by a handful of merging moguls like Time Warner, Verizon FiOS, ComCast and other voracious traders who are deliberately together trying to eliminate the miniscule ag/rural networks that are left in the U.S., which includes RFDtv. Even the big independent ag programs like U.S. Farm Report, Orion Samulson and Superior Livestock use RFDtv to increase their coverage.

Question: What can the 3.2 million food producers and those other mammals that want to know where food comes from do?

Answer: The Rural Communication Act 2018

“It requires each multichannel video programming distributor with 5,000 or more subscribers shall reserve 1 percent of its total bandwidth to distribute to all its subscribers video programming that predominately serves the needs and interests of rural America.”

Write or call your national politicians to support the act. If your representative gives you the shuffle then call the next day and the next. Surveys show 55 percent of consumers are interested in where their food comes from. If that’s you, call.

Inform your politicians of the FCC Diversity Committee that requires 2.5 percent of cable and broadcast operators be dedicated to minorities including: Latino 17 percent of population, black 12 percent, Asian 4.7 percent and American Indian 0.7 percent. Ranchers and farmers of all colors, races and ages make up a mere 2 percent of our entire population. Talk about minority groups!

Question: Why would officers of these mega telecoms that control thousands of “broadcast band” deliberately exclude ag/rural networks?

Answer: They deem that the 2 percent minority of food producers are insignificant. Their ignorance of the essentials of life — food, water and shelter is sad.

Direction from congress is the only way to recognize that the agriculture networks educate, communicate, entertain and keep this valuable minority informed.

Ring — “Hello? Is this the office of my senator/congressmen? I’m part of the 3.2 million food producers that feeds you lunch. Are you familiar with the Rural Communications Act 2018?”

How to find your state senators:

How to find your Congressmen:

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