Black: Flint and Frank

Baxter Black

Andy and I went down to Williston, Fla., to visit a couple of characters. This is horse country and these boys were hock deep in horse training. They were sure hospitable as indicated in the letter they sent after we left.

Dear Bax,

Flynt and I can’t tell you how much we enjoyed your visit. It was sure nice of y’all to take the time to come visit, especially with that bad cold. Even though both kids caught it from you, so far only one has gone into pneumonia.

Flynt thought it was sure great that you castrated all our colts while you were here. Although neither one of us had ever seen quite that much blood, at least we didn’t have to wonder what happened when we found eight of them dead the next morning.

“Flynt was just commenting the other day about how times sure did get away from us while you were here.”

Flynt got real excited once I explained to him how much money we were saving by only having to feed two head instead of 10. Not only that, but the two that survived sure look like money makers once we get them over the tetanus.

Me an’ Flynt can’t thank you guys enough for letting us pick up every one of the bills down at the cafe. It never occurred to us to order steak for every meal. Thanks for the tip.

Remember when we were sitting in that bank president’s office and you were telling how all the smart bankers out west were calling in their unstable cow notes? Well sir, you won’t believe this but that banker thought that was such a good idea that he’s doing the exact same thing here. By not having any cows to feed or interest to pay there’s no telling how much money we’ll save this year.

And Baxter, I don’t want you worrying about backing into the carport and knocking it down. In the first place, it’s hard to stop any type of vehicle going 55 mph in reverse. And secondly, as you remember, Beverly only had that one big gash over her eye when we lifted the roof off her.

Flynt was just commenting the other day about how times sure did get away from us while you were here. All of a sudden we looked up and six weeks and five days had just whizzed by. We were sure sorry to see you go but since our livestock was about depleted and a good portion of our standing structures leveled I guess it was as good a time as any.

Oh, by the way, the folks from the car rental place came by and picked up the Lincoln and were kind enough to set us up on a monthly payment plan until the $6,300 in mileage and damages were paid off.

As Always,

Flynt and Frank.