Black: Jekyll & Hide cattle company |

Black: Jekyll & Hide cattle company

He’s kind to his wife when the market goes up

His children think that he’s neat.

The implement dealer sits by him in church

And his banker waves on the street.

“But something occurs when the market goes down. His family feels it first.”

Salesmen treat him like he was a king

The hired man asks for a raise.

The press is reporting exorbitant gains

But P.C.A’s singin’ his praise!

A genius, he humbly admits to himself,

Smart as a tree full of owls!

Twenty foot tall with a bullet-proof brain

And a friend to all of his pals!

But something occurs when the market goes down.

His family feels it first.

The mother-in-law gives him plenty of room

And the dog gets reg’larly cursed!

He gets lots of mail from lawyers in town.

The gas man won’t fill up the tank.

The feed company rep has forgotten his name!

He’s a leper down at the bank!

His ulcer is worse. His accountant’s in jail!

They repo’d the pickup he had.

His jeans don’t fit.

They bag in the rear

They’ve chewed on his tail so bad!

He might get discouraged, but down at the sale

His heart will rejuvenate.

A gambler in spirit whose living depends

On the fickle finger of fate!

So just like the story of Jekyll and Hyde

He’s a wise man or a clown.

A hero or fool depending on whether

The market goes up … or goes down!❖


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