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Hanks: The Hazards of aging

Last night at the dance hall I met a nice lady who happened to be a dermatologist. You know, a skin doc.

Very sweet and interesting lady. In conversation she told me that all of the folks involved in dermatology in northern Colorado are familiar with one another.

She asked me who my doc was and when I told her she replied, “what a sweet lady. Stick with her. Did you know she lost her husband a little over a year ago?”

“No, what happened?” I asked. “He had a melanoma cancer and that was it!” Holy moly, Charlie Brown, how does that happen when your wife is a skin doc I ask myself. Well, it happens just like lots of other things.

“Well, it’s better to have a little blood in yer eye than to die of a stroke. That would cure yer eye problem for sure, ha, ha, ha!”

For example, I awoke the other morning blind in my right eye. Yep, it appears I had a ruptured blood vessel near the retina. The eye doc assures me that I should be able to see in three or four weeks and if not he can give me a shot in the eye to help clear it up.

Of course I mentioned recently that I had A-fib (irregular heart beat) and was put on blood thinner until I get to the heart doc the first of October.

I asked the eye doc if maybe I should back off the blood thinner until the eye gets better?

“Well, it’s better to have a little blood in yer eye than to die of a stroke. That would cure yer eye problem for sure, ha, ha, ha!”

Gentle readers, if you only knew how hard of a time I’m havin’ writing this with one good eye you would surely feel sorry for me!

Oh, and did I mention that a week or so back after getting out of my truck in the garage I dropped a loaded revolver and it landed directly between my feet and BAM!! Yep, it discharged and fortunately for me the barrel was pointed away from me.

You could be calling me “Old one-eyed, one-foot Jack,” but it’s just old One-Eyed Jack for now anyway.

For sure it can be hazardous slipping off onto the other side of the hill. Truth is I feel good, got lots of energy from time to time and when I don’t, I take a nap. Ain’t that what old guys are supposed to do?

Speaking of energy I just had a load of firewood dumped down by the corral and will need to locate some of that energy to start stacking it up in neat rows along the saddle room wall.

Grandson Gavin, my first grandchild joined the Marines and has volunteered for “recon” front line stuff. This kid grew up in the mountains west of Grand Junction, Colo., and has hunted, camped, hiked and done all the things most young men would like to do.

He told his dad that he has had this dream of being a Marine since he was 7. I reckon some little boys and some little girls are just born to be warriors! Thank God for their courage and willingness to sacrifice. I am very proud!

I pray that he gets to someday slip into old age with good health and lots of memories.

Our weather girl, Kathy Sabine, offered up a forecast of a not-so-cold winter but with lots of snow. Well, I’m glad I have that new shop building and a tractor sitting inside with a cab with heat and a good radio! Children, that’s it for now. Don’t be discouraged by my “cheery” column. Put yer best foot forward and do yer best to be yer best.

Stay tuned, check yer cinch on occasion, remember to always WEAR YER SUN SCREEN and I’ll c. y’all, all y’all. ❖


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