Black: The wilderness wall |

Black: The wilderness wall


If you’ve been losing sleep at night about the public land,

Yer not alone. We’re all concerned with changes wrought by man.

The wilderness. To have and hold is what it’s all about

And we can Save the Wilderness! By keepin’ people out!

“A carbonated geyser that awaits your beck and call, Just put a quarter in the slot and watch the water fall!”

By Audubon, you know I’m right! It’s humans who befoul

The habitat of prairie dog, or elk and spotted owl.

A wall. We need a giant wall! At least 15 feet tall!

A simulated wilderness, man-made, au natural.

The next best thing to bein’ there. We’ll call it Wilderworld!

A place where you can get moosed-out, get badgered, skunked or squirreled!

Immerse yourself in water fowl. Commune with ancient trees.

And though they seem so real to you, they’re all facsimiles!

That’s right, my friends, a Theme Park that’s politically correct.

“No living thing was sacrificed to build this park for thee.”

Imagine trees with concrete bark beneath a glassed-in dome.

Stalagmites rise from Cheez Wiz in caves of styrofoam.

A carbonated geyser that awaits your beck and call,

Just put a quarter in the slot and watch the water fall!

See Bullfrogs made of fiberglass and plastic dragon flies

And get the perfect snapshot ‘cause they never blink their eyes!

Ceramic deer and pop up wolves in thrilling life-like scenes!

See automated leaping fish in bubbling brook machines!

Synthetic birds that lip synch tunes and fly on hidden wires

While Bambi grazes Astro Turf on tiny rubber tires!

And finally, as a final treat, we’ve one last mem’ry planned,

Our rangers, dressed in chipmunk suits will eat out of your hand!

The tour just takes an hour but, if you don’t want to go

Just wait in the Museum Shop and buy the video

And if you’re still not satisfied, when leaving you can view

The posh resort, beyond the Wall, we call Camp David Two!

Plus, you’ll be sleepin’ easier ‘cause all the cash you blew

Will help protect the wilderness from folks like me and you!❖