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Call to action

By Richard Holtorf

This is a call to action for all Americans who wish to defend our Republic in order to
protect the future of Colorado.
Citizens of eastern Colorado, for the past three years in which I’ve had the honor to
serve as a state representative, I’ve seen a continuation of legislation that has been
leading our state right over a proverbial cliff. But I am here to tell you that this “bad
liberal policy freight train” that Colorado has been riding will come to an end, if citizens
actively cast their ballots to change Colorado’s trajectory. It is not too late for Colorado or
rural Colorado. Make your voice heard by Nov. 8 to stop the misguided and
damaging policies that the Gov. Jared Polis administration and the radical, progressive Democrats
have been peddling for the past four years.
If my plea to better Colorado isn’t enough, here are a few facts.
Start with an increase in the state budget of over $10 billion in just the last
year by the governor and his Democrat colleagues with relentless tax and spend
policies. How about making the possession of four grams of toxic fentanyl a
misdemeanor, which is considered a low level offense and may I remind you that this
same drug has led to death and destruction of youth and families across Colorado. Yet,
after a year of death Democrats give you a new “solution” to the fentanyl problem by
allowing the possession of one gram of fentanyl opposed to four, which can still kill
hundreds of kids or adults.
How about record high inflation caused by hyper-government spending across the
nation and this state, including every freebee grant program imaginable. There are even
grant programs for marijuana shops in the inner city… not to mention all of which is
funded by hard-working taxpayers like yourself. Still not convinced to ditch this
Democrat train wreck heading for the Californicated cliff of doom? How about the green
energy boondoggle demanding 100% renewable by 2050 only 27 years away that kills
rural Colorado counties and cripples farming and ranching in eastern Colorado.
Wait, can you believe there could be more? Well there is much more and I could fill half
of this newspaper with the misuse of power I have witnessed. We as Americans have
an obligation to vote in this election to protect the fabric of this great state so that
generations to come will be able to succeed. Please join me in voting for a new
trajectory that helps Coloradans.
Holtorf is state representative of House District 64/ House District 63 in Colorado.

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