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Chaffhaye Pasture in a Bag

Long, long ago in a land far away (Europe) horse folks competed in horse events far from home and their homegrown hay. To take their local hay on the road, it was put up wet, mixed with some molasses and bagged up. This gave horses consistent feed that could be transported and the horses did better than trying to change their diet on the road. That’s the original problem haylage like Chaffhaye solved.

“Pasture in a Bag,” is now expanded to Colorado just in time to relieve some of the problems our latest drought has caused. I go to hay auctions in the Front Range and I have seen less hay, higher prices and sometimes there are more pickup trucks and trailers than bales of hay at the auctions. You look in the newspapers or online for hay and there are three times more hay wanted ads than hay for sale ads.

While looking for hay on, I found an ad for Chaffhaye. Chaffhaye is alfalfa haylage like corn silage, hay chopped wet then molasses added immediately to ferment like silage and bagged in air tight bags. Now you have bagged hay that doesn’t need a tarp or barn, is somewhat pre-digested, dust free, weed free and the alfalfa leaves are still in the hay. Fermented alfalfa hay saves the leaves and makes the stems more digestible.

Horses will find a way to waste hay, they’ll pull it out of the feeder and drop it on the ground. My pens are full of wasted hay, then it gets wet underneath and full of flies. There is a lot less waste with Chaffhaye, not like my round bales that I self-fed loosing 20 to 30 percent. Since Chaffhaye is pre-digested, there is less manure. I clean the pens so I can know my horse feces, as we call it in church.

You know when you stack little bales from the field, to the stack, to the barn to the truck, each time more leaves rubs off the bale. When you stand on the bales as you stack the next row, more leaves comes off. When you bale hay, it had to be dry to not mold, in a stack, rain will go through the bales and cause mold if you don’t tarp or barn the hay. Chaffhaye is good in the air tight heavy duty bag for two years according to Chaffhaye.

According to Chaffhaye, one 50 pound bag equals two 50 bound bales of alfalfa. My horses didn’t go crazy the first day, the Curly nibbled on it all day, the mini didn’t like it until the second day, then he ate whenever I put it out. We monitored intake, waste, manure and my horses body condition as you would want to when changing their diet slowly.

Chaffhaye is certified weed free, which we need for our national parks, so when you trail ride in our mountains, you’ll be doing your part to preserve our parks natural grass.

I travel around the country to horse expo’s. Hay prices around the country hasn’t been going up and down, it’s just going up and up. Being able to put Chaffhaye in the trailer hay rack without tarping will save you money on the road.

I Bought my Chaffhaye from Christine in Ft. Lupton, Colo., at the Double C Ranch You can contact them at (303) 249-4325. There are four dealers in Colorado.

Check out Chaffhaye’s website for the details on comparing costs verses hay as a complete replacement or as a supplement at

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