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Chuck and Roni

Tales from the Ono-Ranch Mad Jack Hanks
Wellington, Colo.

For those of you, gentle readers, that haven’t met or don’t know my friends, Chuck and Roni Sylvester, I hope you get the chance.

Chuck and Roni are the biscuits and gravy and that first cup of coffee at breakfast. They are Norman Rockwell’s America. They are Roy and Dale, the Lone Ranger and Tonto, John Wayne, Randolf Scott and Sam Elliott all rolled up into one. Chuck and Roni are on the “fighting side” of folks in fly-over country and especially those involved in agriculture. They are as comfortable in the state capital as they are in the corral.

In years past, Chuck was CEO of the National Western Stock Show and did a bang up job keeping that enormous project up and running as smooth as a river rock. They have ridden a wide circle around this beautiful Colorado and ranched in Wyoming and currently live on a historic farm along the banks of the Platte River. They are well-known by the “who’s who” in our agriculture community.

I’ll just call Chuck a cowboy. That’s a compliment where I come from down in Texas. He is so much more than that. Chuck is a man’s man, a man of the soil with cow manure on his boots, a man with sand and grit like most men wish they were.

“I’ll just call Chuck a cowboy. That’s a compliment where I come from down in Texas. He is so much more than that.”

Roni has traveled far and wide taking on a number of issues that concern folks on farms and ranches all across the West. She has taken on water issues, issues involving the endangered species act and on and on. They both would like to see big government get the heck out of our lives and let us pursue our goals to keep this country fed, clothed and healthy.

It appears to me that our state may be in for some difficult times with this new administration that has come into power. Me thinks they are going to fall in line with the “new green deal” that newly elected congress woman in New York has constructed. Get this, she has a degree in economics but is determined that we, as a country should do this: in the next 12 years we have to get rid of big oil, all cattle that pass gas, and all vehicles that use petrol in any form. No tractors to till the fields, no semi’s bringing our goods being food, textiles and whatever down our interstate and of course no coal. Clean energy all the way.

Man has always been affected by his fears, real or not and global warming is the fear that the left is betting will scare little kids, their soccer moms, and whomever worships at the alter of doom and despair if we don’t follow the new green deal. What, are you kidding me? This woman is an idiot and any one who takes up her banner and marches with her will qualify for the same title. The scary thing is most of the Democratic folks running for president in 2020 seem to be endorsing her.

When they go to the grocery store and there is no meat, milk, bread, vegetables, flour, or staples of any kind, what then? It’s just dumber than dumb and I can’t believe anyone would take her seriously. Alas many do.

Folks, that’s why we need the Chuck and Roni’s of this world to step up to the plate and lead the way for the rest of us to fall in behind them and fight for COMMON SENSE and for FREEDOM and for GUN RIGHTS and the right to pursue what’s granted to all of us under the constitution. No open borders, no free loaders, and most of all the satisfaction that we don’t have someone breathing down our neck trying to tell us how to live our lives according to what makes THEM happy!

Stay tuned, check yer cinch on occasion, and I suggest we don’t turn the other cheek! I’ll c. y’all, all y’all. ❖

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