Commentary Dec. 13 on citizen climate lobby is one-sided: Please consider more discussion |

Commentary Dec. 13 on citizen climate lobby is one-sided: Please consider more discussion

It’s disappointing to see a portion of the ag community roll over in front of the Big Green Agenda. The whole premise that humanity can control any aspect of climate on earth is part of a big scam. Some people have been convinced carbon dioxide and greenhouse gases are a controlling force on the climate. Nothing could be further from the truth. Blaming carbon fuels is precisely the way to tax capitalist producers and transfer that wealth to cabals of sympathetic cronies who use these subsidies for their own financial benefit. Wind, solar, ethanol, carbon sequestration payments, battery storage, electric vehicles, charging stations, mass transportation, and even wildlife habitat modifications are positioned to vacuum up the carbon taxes once Build Back Better and all the other Green New Deal legislation passes.

Everything will be affected by this legislation. Tax on fuel, electricity, utilities, dairy cows, beef cows, hogs, poultry, processing plants, farming practices deemed to be detrimental and even your wood-burning stoves. How much tax you ask? How much will it take to force you to innovate — or give up. Do not endorse programs to pay you unless you are willing to pay these taxes required to support these schemes.

Finally, understand climate on earth varies and changes as the sun varies radiation output in a rhythmic regular pulse characterized in nuclear reactions in all stars. Earth and humanity are fortunate to even exist as a result of the perfect combination that led to this very day. Climate change will really happen when our star, the sun, flames out or explodes. Count your blessings as you are, where you are right now. Quit listening to the “sky is falling” crows and pay attention to what is about to happen, compliments of the politicians. Thanks for the opportunity to comment. Please pray for our country.


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