Container gardening again |

Container gardening again

I have planted my container garden and am eagerly awaiting fresh tomatoes, cucumbers, peas and beans.

Container gardening is not my preferred method of growing vegetables.

When I lived in North Dakota, I had a huge garden and always had enough produce to share with neighbors, friends and co-workers.

The first time I had to container garden was in Alaska. We rented a house in Anchorage that had a small back yard and I filled as many pots as I could with vegetables.

Unfortunately, the weather in Anchorage, and the fact that we had too many trees in the backyard, tested my gardening skills.

Although the summer days are long in Anchorage, there still wasn’t enough heat to spur my plants into production.

In case I haven’t mentioned it yet, I went through the North Dakota State University master gardening program.

But even that didn’t prepare me for gardening in Alaska.

After the first year when I harvested nothing from the container gardens, I ordered a small greenhouse that I could set on the patio.

I was pretty excited about that and couldn’t wait for spring.

So I got all my containers planted and stuck them in my new greenhouse. The plants came up and looked healthy. Then we had one hot day and they all burnt up inside the greenhouse. It must have been over 100 degrees in that thing.

I didn’t use that greenhouse again. I’m pretty sure I won’t have to here, unless I want to start some plants early in the spring and then transplant them into containers.

My confidence in my gardening skills has wavered some since I moved out of Alaska, but remembering the taste of tomatoes and cucumbers fresh from the garden keeps me going.

And, I don’t have to worry about moose and bears getting into my pots. ❖