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Difference between cowboy and cowgirls

According to what I have observed over the last few decades sometimes there is no difference between cowboys and cowgirls except the obvious, of course. I have worked with gals that could “cowboy” right along with their counterparts and many times do a more complete job. Women, for the most part, in my humble opinion, are more focused on their responsibilities than the average cowboy. There are times when folks are given the title of “cowboy” and it isn’t remotely possible.

For example: a few nights ago I was having a conversation with a lady school teacher who also was a barrel racer. I’ve never seen her without her cowgirl costume on. Hat, boots, jeans, western shirt and many times spurs, even when she goes dancin’. She wants everyone to know she is a “cowgirl.” I reckon she is a cowgirl that may not know nada about “the cow” or how to perform ranch duties. Do ya see where I am going with this? Her boyfriend works in the medical field and at one time had two “backyard” horses and she refers to him as a “cowboy.” I had to be Mr. Smarty Pants and tell them that my qualification for a “cowboy” was someone who had roped and tied down and doctored cattle on the open range by themselves. Isn’t that what cowboys do along with a hundred other chores on the ranch?

At this point we have to, in my opinion, sort off the working ranch cowboys from the rodeo cowboys. WHOA!

Now don’t get mad, I know many ranch cowboys that rodeo and rodeo cowboys that could go out and work on most any ranch any where. I have had numerous team ropers come out to the ranch and want to help the crew doctor cattle on wheat pastures. I always let them as long as they didn’t “rodeo” sick cattle by draggin’ them around and around trying to get their hocks roped. “Hummm … this dang horse of mine is not focused, the sun was in my eyes, my rope is stiff today” and on and on went the excuses while they couldn’t catch a cold out in a big wide open pasture. Sometimes I couldn’t either but I didn’t go on and on as to why other than I was a sorry hand with a rope too much of the time.

“At this point we have to, in my opinion, sort off the working ranch cowboys from the rodeo cowboys. WHOA!”

I see where at Cheyenne Frontier Days this year they added women’s bronc riding. They could hold on to a “sugar string, night latch” or their rope to stay aboard. (a night latch, sugar string, is just a small rope or dog collar run through the gullet of your saddle). I have seen women bronc riders ride with one hand in the air and put on one heck of a ride. GO LADIES GO! I doubt that any of these gals took up bronc ridin’ just to have something to do. I betcha’ most work or have worked on ranches.

I’m sure most of you have your own description of what a “cowboy” or “cowgirl” is and that’s fine with me.

I didn’t aim to step on anyone’s toes or make ya swaller yer chew, just doin’ my column here.

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Remember there is only one original and I have a file of close to 1,000 originals and I need to get rid of some.

Thanks again for taking time to read me each and every week. Stay tuned, check yer cinch on occasion, and remember a good cup of coffee early in the morning is as welcome as a “love ya babe!” I’ll c. y’all, all y’all. ❖


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