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Disappointed in forum’s ag journalist lineup

I’ll be attending the 2020 Governor’s Forum on Colorado Agriculture and I’m a little disappointed that, while there are several agriculture/media sessions planned, there are no recognized agriculture journalists speaking at them.

True, Dana Coffield at the Colorado Sun is one of Colorado’s premier journalists; she’s also a personal friend from our days together at the Times-Call in Longmont.

But what does she know about production agriculture. Kathy Sabine? Seriously? When was the last time she ran a silage harvester or helped brand calves? And Jim Romanoff, recipe developer and editor of EatingWell Magazine? I can hear the anti-GMO rhetoric already.

If you want high-quality journalists who know agriculture, why not call on Brian Allmer, who does more ag stories in a week than the rest of those people do in a year? Or KSIR’s Lorrie Boyer, former president of the National Association of Farm Broadcasters? Or Rachel Gabel from The Fence Post? In fact, if you want a blue-ribbon panel on agriculture and media, you couldn’t do better than those three.

The only thing I can figure is that these three people are going to try to tell a roomful of Colorado farmers and ranchers that they need to make farming and ranching sexier to attract the attention of media in the Big City. Don’t get me wrong, I love Denver, always have and always will. But if somebody really wants to make communications better between agriculture and the Denver media, put Dana, Kathy and Jim out in the audience and let Don Brown, Don Ament and Jerry Sonnenberg tell them about agriculture.

Here’s another idea. How about Colorado’s ag journalists get together and present a panel discussion at the Colorado Press Association and Colorado Broadcasters Association conventions next year on how to cover agriculture. It sure won’t be sexy, but it’ll be very informative. ❖

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