Dog day afternoon |

Dog day afternoon

Mad Jack Hanks
Tales from the ONO Ranch, Wellington, Colo.

I was watching some videos of folks that were being reunited with their dogs after some absence. This one poor young woman all dressed up in heels, nice dress etc. was reunited with a Siberian Husky in an airport. Holy Moly, that dog took her to the ground and mauled her he was so happy to see her. The neatest ones were children who never expected to see their faithful pets again and man, you talk about tears, gentle readers, I mean me. Yep, I had tears streaming down my face I was so happy to see them happy.

There is another kind of dog, prairie dogs! They’re everywhere, they’re everywhere! Man are they ever. I just had my “dog man,” Isaac, leave after doin’ his bizness with them. He will slow them down a bit, however, they are all around me. I felt the need to take care of mine before they completely destroy a good part of my pasture. It won’t be long before the “others” will come across the road from the school section and start on this side of my place and then there are some north of me as well. Oh well! I really don’t know what else to do. Kill as many as possible and hope the plague will make it’s way here and clean up the rest. Oh yes, I know there has to be a reader or two or three that is offended by my callous attitude. I always have this deal available to anyone who is in love with these cute, and they are cute to a certain extent, little critters. You can have all your little heart’s desire if you can find a way to catch them and take them home to your backyard. Of course, your dog will rip them to shreds or the cat will if they don’t get the plague and then give that to your kids or whomever. I have put up with these little demons for 26 years off and on. Usually, after they have been killed off, they just suddenly reappear out of nowhere in a couple or three years and we are off again. Just about any direction you go from my place there are “dog holes” everywhere and no vegetation around them. They just keep moving until they run out of grass I reckon. “Why don’t ya just shoot’um, Mad Jack,” you ask? Well, fact of the matter is there are just too many folks around, though they may be a good distance away, those bullets will travel a mile at times if you miss. It’s just not good common sense to shoot them even though I have in the past and found it to be a good way to “kill time.”

I have given some thought, actually more than SOME thought of how undigestible this year of 2020 has been for most of us. With the fires, politics, and this coronavirus piled on top of it all, it’s really hard to swallow at times. Who knows, next year may be worst and I am almost afraid to think about it all. We have just all been bent out of shape one way or another. I really feel for folks that are in the service industries who have or will have to close up shop and kids that need to be with their friends in school. Most of the time I am an eternal optimist and I need to find that part of me again as this year winds down. Remember, we are all in this together?

Maybe not all of us, but we are all going to have to endure whatever comes our way. Sometimes don’t ya just wish you were a dog with a good loving home and kids to love on ya? I do.

Stay tuned, check yer cinch on occasion, I trust Christmas will serve you well with family and friends around you and that happy ol’ dog! I’ll c. y’all, all y’all.

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