Don’t let activist organizations circumvent Colorado’s wolf management processes |

Don’t let activist organizations circumvent Colorado’s wolf management processes

ARVADA, Colo. — While voters spoke for the desire to reintroduce wolves into Colorado by passing Proposition 114, authors of the initiative called for a “statewide hearing to acquire information to be considered in developing such plan, including scientific, economic and social considerations pertaining to such restoration” and to “periodically obtain public input to update such a plan.” With this in mind, no individual groups should be allowed to circumvent the process to advocate for their individual ideas or promote a one-sided process over one developed by the state game management agency and professionals who gather all stakeholder input, including producers whose daily lives are directly affected by wolves already depredating livestock in the state.

“While very disappointed with the passage of Proposition 114 in 2020 and concerned of the negative implications forced wolf introduction will have on Colorado, CCA remains committed to engaging in the state management wolf processes and ensuring that livestock producers’ concerns are represented,” said Philip Anderson, CCA President.

Throughout the process, Colorado Cattlemen’s Association leadership and members have made public comments and testimony through many of the wolf processes including the Wolf Stakeholder Advisory Group, Technical Working Group, Colorado Parks and Wildlife Commission Meetings, and submitting written comments through the online comment form. The comments and testimony of producers should not be undervalued as Proposition 114 states “restoration of the gray wolf to the state must be designed to resolve conflicts with persons engaged in ranching and farming in this state.”

For those interested in engaging in the process, CPW Commission met in Edwards on July 21 and 22. The Keystone Update on Wolf Planning was Friday at 8:35 a.m. followed by a CPW Wolf Planning update and comments until 10:25. The meeting, was live streamed at For those who were unable to attend, follow this link provide online written comments.


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