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Dressing up

Mad Jack Hanks
Tales from the ONO Ranch, Wellington, Colo.

“Well, blow me away,”, as I think Popeye used to say to Olive or Brutus, his arch enemy. I see on the internet where over in the UK men have the option now, as a matter of “dressing up,” to wear skirts and heels. Gentle readers, I swore that nothing would amaze me ever again, but was I wrong. Yep, here are these young men standing poised to take on the day all dolled up in their best lady’s wear. No nylons or panty hose, just fashionable heels to accent the striking short skirt. I do remember now many, many moons ago that Broadway Joe wore panty hose on occasion playing professional football. Just a side note, Joe’s favorite receiver, Don Maynard, has a boy that’s married to one of my nieces. No kiddin. I digress. And if we went back to the founding fathers, we think nothing of seeing them in blouses with ruffles around the collar and sleeves. They also wore stockings with high heel buckle shoes. Hummmm. Not only that but they wore wigs and powered them.

I see paintings where some of the British officers went into battle dressed similar to that. Great Scott, Charlie Brown! Back to the present day Brits, I now expect that influence to be on the streets of New York before long. Heck, who knows, maybe it’s already here and I am just behind the times. I know that if I saw a feller dressed like that here in Wellington, Colo., I might, just might have to ask him, “are you seeing anyone?” I’m kidding of course, but I might have to do it out of needing to do something that might irritate him. That’s the “cowboy way,” right? I mean, darn it, if a feller wants to dress up like a woman and strut, why not? Actually, they do have places for that it’s called, “cross dressing.” My goodness, one of the schools here in Colorado even had a cross dressing feller come to their library and explain to our children how much fun it is to explore and be different. This is America and we allow just about anything anybody can come up with if it doesn’t break the law. Me thinks we need some new tough laws and folks willing to enforce them if we have any chance of keeping our sanity. We, as citizens have been FORCED to put up with some really ridiculous crap in the last 50 years and it gets worse every year.

You can go out on our streets with clubs and shields and battle gear and attack innocent folks if they don’t agree with you and your way of thinking. It’s happening every day and nothing is done about it but maybe an overnight in jail if you really injure someone. I am so sick of seeing this country, our America, seemingly falling apart. Shame on us. We are so spoiled. We have been given so much and never seem to appreciate what we have. I think this virus has gotten our attention and made a lot of folks look at their “hole card.” I hope so.

Gentle readers, I don’t think you will ever see me in a skirt and heels. Number one, my legs are too skinny, however Martha thought I had “pretty” legs. I didn’t appreciate that, but didn’t tell her so. She was the “leg lady.” My what beautiful legs that woman had. To top it all off she was so very modest. She never wore short skirts or flaunted what she was blessed with in any way. Our daughter is the same way as her mom and I am so blessed to have her near me.

I will confess that I did wear a pair of panty hose once at Ridgway while riding on the back of the hay truck and it was about 10 degrees below.

Don’t tell anyone I did that. The coffee shop talk would never end.

Stay tuned, check yer cinch on occasion, be of good cheer, keep a warrior’s heart, stay warm and I’ll c. y’all, all y’ all.

Mad Jack Hanks

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