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Driving ag producers out of business won’t save the world

Seems the world is starting to go stark raving mad when it comes to climate change and saving the planet.

As you will see in this edition of the magazine, Rachel Gabel has a story about The Netherlands, which is heading toward a land grab from farmers and ranchers to make more room for wind turbines and housing and to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

The Dutch farmers and ranchers have reacted by blocking supermarket centers so that shelves are bare to show consumers what will happen if farmers and ranchers are forced out of business.

In other news that I hope to squeeze into next week’s edition, New Zealand is proposing to tax farmers and ranchers on the amount of methane produced by their livestock.

The government claims that it needs to control greenhouse gas emissions and says agriculture accounts for half of the amount produced in the country.

They say farmers will receive incentives is they can offset emissions using feed additives or growing forests on their land.

Agriculture producers in New Zealand worry that the cost of farming will increase and there is no guarantee that the prices of their goods will increase if they cut emissions.

It’s my view that as farmers and ranchers in The Netherlands and New Zealand cut their emissions, other countries, like China and India, will keep increasing their carbon footprint so the world will still be in danger if climate change is indeed on the horizon.

I think we need to be more methodical and weigh all the pros and cons associated with the reduction of greenhouse gases.

For every action there is a reaction and those reactions need to be closely examined.

Let’s not forget that there are many people in other countries who are starving and cutting farming and livestock production will only exacerbate their suffering.

The first thing we need to do is to keep politicians out of the process. This is a problem that needs to be in the hands of scientists who are not compromised or beholding to big corporations.

And, let’s hope President Biden doesn’t see the machinations of The Netherlands and New Zealand and think it’s a good idea for America.


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