Eclipse mania |

Eclipse mania

Sounds like everyone is going to be watching the eclipse on Monday, including yours truly.

This isn’t my first rodeo though.

Hate to date myself, but I was a senior in high school in 1979 when we had the last total solar eclipse.

I was in shop class at the time and we used welding shields to watch the event.

According to a story in the Forum of Fargo-Moorhead, the solar eclipse was only visible in the U.S. in the Pacific northwest, Idaho, Montana and western North Dakota. We were able to observe it from eastern North Dakota but it wasn’t as spectacular as it was in Williston, N.D.

Sounds like everyone here is going to Casper, Wyo., which is supposed to be one of the best viewing areas nearby.

Wyoming is predicting that its population will double on Monday.

I’m not going to Casper though because sitting in traffic just makes me crabby.

I’m just going to stay here in Greeley and watch, probably from outside the office.

Luckily I already have my eclipse viewing glasses. Seems they are hard to come by and Amazon is reporting that there are some glasses out there that are not certified. To safely watch the eclipse you must have eclipse glasses that are certified ISO 12312-2, according to NASA this is the international standard for solar viewing.

Maybe this eclipse is what is making people so crazy lately, kind of like during a full moon.

Newspaper reporters always hated working the night shift during a full moon because something weird was bound to happen.

Some people are just using it as an excuse to party. Which is fine, but it is on Monday when most of us will be working.

Wherever you are during the eclipse, just make sure you have the proper eyewear and don’t do anything crazy. ❖