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Faunching at the bit

In a “sneak preview” Kyle and Megan Sanders wore their Halloween costumes to grandma’s to show they are ready to go Trick or Treating at the end of the month.

Maybe it’s the nice fall weather and having all the windows open but I am just faunching at the bit to rearrange every room in my house, redecorate, paint — something! I wonder if that is typical of others. It could be the fall housecleaning ritual that is eating away at me. Friends have talked about their favorite season and I’ve never had one until this year. It is autumn. After the horribly hot, dry summer most of us have come through the moderate temperatures we are now having are magnificent. Cooler temps energize and we know what is in store within in a few short weeks — Christmas! Whoops, I mean Halloween. Already my grandgirl and grandboy decorated a big tree in their yard with miniature ghosts and they hung “spider webs” in the windows. They have their costumes. They are ready.

We took a trip to Colorado Springs last weekend for a family wedding. Farmers usually enjoy driving through farm and ranch country on their way to anywhere. This time it was different as it was very bleak as far as crops go. For the first time I can remember our corn looks the best of any we have seen because we have pivot irrigation. Our water comes from a Bureau of Reclamation-built dam so we had plenty. Already we have started to wonder about next summer, as the dam is much lower now. But we don’t want to borrow trouble and worry about something so far into the future and we will stand on the forecast of a very snowy winter. My husband heard on a radio show that if the corn husks are two layers it will be a tough winter. Our corn has three and four layers making us think we need to be ready for a good one with lots of snow. There, I said it. Of course we would like to have winter preceded by long rainy days. Then have that repeated in the spring after the snow melts. I know most of you are in agreement with me.

The upside of the summer’s weather is that my husband has started combining corn. That usually begins toward the end of October — give or take. He has never begun this early. He’ll get finished and our son’s cows can munch on the corn stalks well before those heavy snows fall. The fall cattle work — though our older son now owns the cattle, we are still involved with such events — will soon be upon us. Once the harvests are done and the cattle have their needs met, we will take off. We plan on driving to Texas to see our younger son and his family. We expect that drive may be bleak as well, but we will be thinking rain. Wouldn’t it be nice to drive in the rain all that way? I’m taking my umbrella, with high hopes.

Peggy writes from the family farm

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in southwestern South Dakota. Her internet latchstring is out at Peggy@PeggySanders.com. ❖

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