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Feeding us and the world

Went to the grocery store today and my two bags cost over $80, and there were no high-ticket items in them. The problem with high food prices is that they never seem to go lower when whatever pushed them higher is resolved.

Also, when you buy a box of cereal, a can of soup or a box of mac and cheese, the containers are smaller. I remember when a can of tomato soup would feed four of us. Now it barely fills up one person.

So not only are we paying more, but we are also getting less.

The Biden Administration’s plan is to let farmer’s double crop and get insurance coverage for both those crops. Yes, grain prices are high right now, but the price of fuel and fertilizer will suck up most of the extra money farmer’s get for their crops. And planting two crops in one year is not something that can be done everywhere.

I get so frustrated when Biden talks about how people’s paychecks have gone up and we are all doing so well under his reign. But he forgets that gas and grocery prices have skyrocketed so that extra money, and then some, has not padded our pockets.

You can tell wages have gone up in fast food joints. The other day my husband and I got a couple of hamburgers, fries and drinks and it cost over $20. Back in the day we would give them a $20 and get some cash back for two meals.

Biden is now homing in on competition starting with livestock prices and now fertilizer, seed, ag inputs, and retail food prices.

Does he realize that the high price of fuel causes prices for everything to increase? And those costs are passed on to consumers. Until he can get the price of fuel under control, the price of goods and services are to stay at these ridiculously high rates.

Then there are the weather disasters, diseases impacting the hog and poultry markets, war in the Ukraine, which are not as easy to control

In the meantime, we need to let people in this country know that no matter what happens in the world, farmers in the U.S. produce enough to keep our country fed.

The problem is that the rest of the world depends on us for food, much of it in the form of food aid. According to FoodAid International, 16,000 children die every day due to hunger related illness.

Farmers and ranchers understand that it’s a huge responsibility to feed the world. We just need to keep reminding our government officials of the importance of the agriculture industry.


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