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Food is life

I hope you all take the time to read Rachel Gabel’s article on the woman who wants to create a habitat for prairie dogs in Weld County, Colorado.

Her name is Sheree Seabury and she is with Advocates for the Preservation of Prairie Wildlife.

Her plan is to gather up 1,500 prairie dogs, plant a vegetative barrier to keep the critters on her land and if they escape to neighboring acres, she will trap them and return them to her preserve.

As you can imagine her neighbors are not happy and are fighting it tooth and nail.

Why must we continue to do things that harm farmers and ranchers, like conserving land for prairie dogs and protecting predators like wolves and bears?

It may come as no surprise to many of our readers that Seabury has the support of Colorado’s first gentleman Marlon Reis. He posted this tirade, which has since been deleted.

“Two things shock me about the rural Coloradans who have bothered to comment on volunteer requests for private land-owners interested in hosting displaced Prairie Dogs: 1) for the amount of government money filling your coffers at both the State and Federal levels, you’d best learn not to bite the hand that feeds you; 2) you are egotistical beyond belief, thinking your vote matters more than the rest of ‘urban’ Colorado, and you whine incessantly about how it’s all unfair. I ought to be shocked by your immaturity, but I’ve witnessed first-hand the way you love to play the victim card, no doubt because it’s always worked for you. Well, it’s not going to work anymore. Colorado is more than ranchers, and it’s time to adapt rather than complain.”

Wow, bite the hand that feeds you? Does he realize that farmers and ranchers feed themselves and the world?

People can live without a lot of things that they consider necessities. Just look at the Ukrainians. Many have no homes to go to, no vehicles, no running water, no heat, and no family to surround them with love. Despite their desperate conditions they are surviving and continue to fight for their freedom. But take away their food and water and they will starve to death.

Starvation is a war tactic used by men like Putin when their weapons can’t do the job.

Therefore, it is so important to keep as much land in production as possible because there may come a time when we will need every acre to produce food.

I would suggest the first gentlemen stop biting the hand that feeds him.

Sorry I got off the prairie dog topic, but the first gentlemen’s post really got under my skin.


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