Gwen Petersen: In a Sow’s Ear 9-17-12 |

Gwen Petersen: In a Sow’s Ear 9-17-12

When I was young and full of fun

I dreamed about John Wayne.

In my heart of hearts, I had no doubts

That John was my loving swain.

In this summer past, I rode a stage at last

In an old-west wagon train.

My youthful dreams, oh how they seemed

To fill my mind again.

In my prairie dress I must confess

It felt like a warp in time.

I traveled by coach with other fine folk

We rode the Welles Fargo line.

Then suddenly there, oh this I swear

A horseman appeared on my left.

And a horse with no rider pulled up

on the right-er

(The saddle was quite bereft).

To the rider I exclaimed, “Are you insane!”

But he leaned from his saddle

And like flipping a page, the door of the stage

He opened with a mighty rattle.

Then he leaped inside and I uttered a cry

And gazed at him in wonder.

For it was John Wayne, my make-believe swain.

My heart began to thunder.

But the Duke didn’t stay I’m sorry to say

Only flung open the opposite door.

On the riderless steed, he leapt with speed

And I was forsaken once more.

I screeched a loud shout, “What was that

all about?

You’ve left me here in the lurch!

I thought you were fine, I thought

you were mine

Leaving me really hurts!”

I heard John reply e’er he commenced to ride

“It’s part of what I doooo …

My dear, it was nothing and I’m not bluffing,

’Tis only a stage I’m going throughhhh!”

And then I woke up …

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