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Hanks: A new type of snowflake

I think we all know, gentle readers, that no two snowflakes are the same. Well, that’s what I’ve always heard. I am not sure how one would determine if in fact millions of snowflakes were all different before they melted.

Hummm? I really don’t care. By the way, I could sure use about 14 million snowflakes here at the ONO as it is very dry, windy and dry.

I did get 146 flakes last night, but of course that wasn’t enough to do any good at all.

This new type of snowflake that has come to my attention a few months back happens to be a weepy, creepy, paranoid, insecure, cry baby that will not accept any conversation that they don’t agree with.

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Nope, if you disagree with them you must be a bigot, racist or hater that is fearful of anyone who is different than you. I learned all of this when a gay fellow who happened to be on the conservative side of things was booked to give an on-campus speech at Berkley.

You know, that college that was founded on free speech many years ago? Well now, Little Beaver, there was no way this fella was gonna’ get to do that! No ma’am! During all of this discussion of if or when or if not, they had to set aside a crying room for the snowflakes to go and hide and console each other.

After Mr. Trump was elected there were never enough crying towels to go around. They were all going to DIE! The world would surly end in a huge ball of fire or we would all starve to death.

Before the election we (conservatives and God-fearing, flag-waving patriots) were all suddenly deplorable and certainly irredeemable! Personally, and this is just me, but I believe we are ADORABLE and for sure irreplaceable and not irredeemable. But that’s just the old cowboy in me.

I always thought that I was just a regular guy. I didn’t realize that those with a different point of view saw so many chinks in my armor. I think it is sad that America, our wonderful America, you know, the one country that everybody is trying to get into, would be creating such weak, insecure, narrow-minded people who absolutely refuse to hear another’s opinion without clutching their breast, pulling their hair and falling to their knees weeping like a spoiled child in the toy store.

It was reported just last week that the “snowflakes” were afraid by being called snowflakes would somehow destroy their confidence and they would not be able to function because of being labeled. Go figure.

By the way, how would you like to go to war and have one of these cry babies in the foxhole with you?

This is my understanding of what they want. No boundaries, no borders, they give the orders, they want a socialist government that resembles Cuba, or any country where everyone is the same. You are not allowed to own land as it’s everyone’s land. We all share.

In other words they take your money and give to anyone who will help make everyone equal until there is no more money to go around and then the snowflakes began to fall.

Folks, this country is in deep trouble in my opinion and it’s time for sure to “cowboy up” and take care of business before it’s too late!

Where are the real men and women in this country? The ones that are so sick and tired of all this CRAP we have been dealt that will step forward with a fist and a warning that enough is enough! Man, I have been wanting to unload for a long time. If you took the time to read and ruminate on this, THANKS!

Stay tuned, check yer cinch on occasion, let common sense control your emotions and I’ll c. y’all, all y’all.❖