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Hanks: Black Friday

I decided to just up and get myself involved in a Black Friday for once in my life. Who knows? I might not have another opportunity, right? I found the courage and off I went this morning, the Friday after Thanksgiving.

I went to the local farm and ranch outlet to, by golly, buy ol’ Mad Jack a couple of new shirts. Yep, they could very well be my Christmas presents.

I always give money to the grandkids for Christmas as I refuse to go into the city and fight the traffic and the troubled crowds frantically shopping for that perfect gift. The kids and I just exchange small gifts like candy and what not instead of trying to buy expensive gifts that may or may not be what was wanted or needed. So, that’s all the reason I needed to buy me some shirts.

The small parking lot was all but full, however, I did find a place for the truck and in I went. They were havin’ a sale like all retailers do on Black Friday so the narrow aisles were crowded and by the shirt aisle were two hombres discussing all the new folks movin’ here and more or less gettin’ in our way.

“Pull quote.”

Speaking of that I was hopin’ they could conclude their conversation and get out of the aisle so I could get me some shirts. I finally just surrendered and took the long way around and came in from behind and managed to find two shirts that I really liked.

Twenty percent off, ain’t no bad deal since the really good shirts come with a hefty price any more. I bought a George Strait and an Ariat shirt.

Ariat shirts are the very best in my humble opinion. They not only are well made but fit very well and, plus all that, they look good on me.

Gentle readers, here’s what I really think. I think Americans like you and me are blessed beyond measure. I really do. As I drive to and fro on the interstate I am amazed by all of the big, new, fancy pickups and SUVs I see. I think if we compare ourselves to other countries and other types of governments we are No. 1 hands down.

After buying the shirts, I headed to the market to pick up a few items that I was running short on such as milk, bread, a good rib eye steak and so on. As I was checking out there was a young lady in line behind me and I was a little taken back as she had a big turkey and all the trimmings to prepare a large Thanksgiving dinner. I almost did what I would usually do and lean over and smartly remind her that Thanksgiving was yesterday, did she forget? Ha, ha, ha. I did manage to hold back and present her with a little different remark as I offered, “wow, looks like yer gettin’ all ready for Thanksgiving next year?” Beneath her short, sorta’ orange colored hair, she replied that she had Thanksgiving yesterday and needed to prepare another meal today for others.”

She did look a little frazzled and maybe even tired and yet she had a mission to accomplish. I think she might have been one of those that those two hombres were discussing in the shirt aisle earlier. Doesn’t matter, she obviously was a real trooper and orange hair or not I can say, “good on her.” I hope it all goes well for her today.

As far as a Black Friday, I’m glad I got that out of my system, got what I wanted and am home safe and sound and out of harms way in the big retail stores. I hope you got home same as well.

Stay tuned, check yer cinch on occasion, and remember it is better to give than to receive! I’ll c. y’all, all y’all. ❖

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