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Hanks: Drug of choice

I got to wondering, gentle readers, if all of us have a drug of choice. A diplomat from Mexico recently said, Mexico doesn’t have a drug problem, America does.

I have to agree that yes, America does have a drug problem. Just think, if nobody in this country had to have their meth, coke or any of the other debilitating drugs that do so much harm to our country, how different life on the whole might be?

We could throw in cigarettes, pain killers, alcohol or I reckon anything that is addictive and call all the above a “drug of choice.” There was that time that I couldn’t hardly get out of bed without lighting up a smoke and having that first cup of coffee.

I smoked almost 36 years off and on. When son Andy was born I no longer smoked in the house and that cut way back on my nasty habit.

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I went for years and years at less than a half-pack a day. Oh my gosh I wish I had never inhaled that first Camel. That was back in a time when almost everyone smoked. Some of my close aunts smoked and all of the men in the family.

What is your current drug of choice? Little Miss Martha’s drug of choice was Bible study and a strong relationship with her Lord. Nothing wrong with that. Mine came to be cowboys and cows. Horses and long hours on the range and a hard, full day of work would get me high. I found something that I could look forward to and enjoy almost regardless of the weather or conditions.

Today some of that horse stuff still stirs my insides along with jumpin’ on the Harley for a ride, but mostly I enjoy going dancing more than anything else. It’s good exercise and a great way to meet new folks and make new friends.

The old cowboy body sure don’t work like it once did, but that’s part of life and getting older. I will never apologize for living as long as I have.

I wish that we as a population of blessed folks for being able to live in this wonderful country we call America, could kick the really bad habits that will never ever pay any health dividends down the road. I know so many really good folks that will not quit smoking!

I know, I know I’ve heard all the excuses that there are as I used most of them myself. Anyone can quit the smokes, anyone. Just make up your mind to do so and “git’er done.”

I never did drugs. I think that folks that are suffering with debilitating illnesses should be able to use whatever drug of choice that gives some relief as long as they don’t endanger the rest of us in the process.

Your drug of choice may be tilling the earth to farm or it may be cooking, taking care of those that need care, climbing mountains, fishing or sticking a cactus up yer nose. I don’t know, I just think I know that all of us have some drug of choice.

If yours is one of the ones that you are ashamed of and you feel rotten inside every time you participate, please stop and smell the roses. Life is so worth living. Every day is a present. We should embrace every opportunity we have to be the one person that inspires someone that is in real need of a new vision.

That’s purty fancy and mushy talk coming from an old cowboy, but I think we do need to stop and reflect every now and then in this fast-paced world in which we live. Long live cowboys (cowgirls) and folks that love the simple life.

Stay tuned, check yer cinch on occasion and remember that a really good friend is someone who could tell you all of his troubles, but doesn’t. I’ll c. y’all, all y’all. 


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