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Hanks: Fill in the blanks

Gentle readers this column is one of those where we just sort of fill in the blanks. As hard as I tried I could not come up with a suitable subject for this week’s column.

I thought I would just fill in some blanks and let ya know what has been happening here with me at the ONO. First off, I want to give a “thanks” to Grant from the western slope as he stopped by and took me to lunch. It was unexpected. Just the same it’s always nice to get to visit with my readers and get a feel for what their lives are like.

A couple of weeks back my neighbor Jim stopped by and asked me if I wanted to take a little ride up the country a short way and check in on an older woman who lives on a ranch.

Jim and others help to take care of her cows and whatever she might be in need of. The thing of it is, she lives off the grid and is tougher than a Wyoming wildcat in a windstorm. Nice lady, and I was really impressed with her attitude and grip on her situation.

“The propane tank is full, the hay is stacked in the shed and I reckon I am as ready as I will ever be for winter.”

She knew who I was from reading my column and I was encouraged when we left to consider staying here on my place longer than maybe I had thought. It’s always beneficial to meet someone who is in a challenging situation and see how they seem to handle it with so much ease.

I did get up on the roof the other day and cleaned out the stove pipe and caulked around a skylight while I was there. The firewood is all stacked neatly and I have used the wood stove on a couple of occasions to take the chill off the house without turning up the furnace. The propane tank is full, the hay is stacked in the shed and I reckon I am as ready as I will ever be for winter.

It was chilly this morning when I went out to chore. I am always reminded of those fall and early winter days in years past up in the mountains. Of course you expect to have really cold weather when the snow starts to fall on a regular basis.

I’m struggling with buying more shirts for this winter. Did I say that? I have a closet full of nice shirts and nine, count them, pairs of Wranglers hanging in the closet. I should be ashamed of myself for being so blessed and wanting even more. Gotta’ look nice for the ladies, right?

I used to ask my little darlin’ Martha, “why are you getting so dressed up just to go to work?” “Jack, I’m dressing for myself. I want to look nice for me!” Actually she worked for a contractor who employed roughly 50 to 60 men and they all adored her, as I did. I learned that from attending the Christmas parties they had. I know girls. We men get the same chance to look nice for “ourselves.”

In closing I want to say that at this writing I do not know if the good judge has been confirmed for the “Supremes” or not. I will say that I am deeply saddened, angry, and “bumfuzzled” by the actions of our politicians.

Our America is in deep trouble and I pray there is a way out without the country falling apart and then it’s tribe against tribe.

Stay tuned, check yer cinch on occasion. Lay in the weeds, keep yer powder dry and I’ll c. y’all, all y’all. ❖

Mad Jack Hanks

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