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Hanks: Good men

By the time you gentle readers receive this column Father’s Day will have passed. I’ve reflected recently on what I consider a “good man” to be and who they are.

Of course, I must start with my dad. Raised in a large family of “wild boys” with little supervision, I have been told, turned out pretty darn good. I have to give my mom credit for that. Dad was a quiet, common sense, no nonsense type of guy. He was one of the best men when it came to living out his Christian beliefs. He had his faults like we all do but he did the best he could to set the right example.

My father-in-law was another “good man” who also was quite considerate, fair and a real pleasure to be around and also a good Christian. My brother, who is a retired Baptist pastor of many years, has always set good, sensible and practical examples for me, his little brother. You can bet I have needed them over the years.

Other “good men” that I never met only by way of radio and television were Art Linkletter, Red Skelton, Paul Harvey, Billy Graham and of course Will Rogers, whom I’ve only seen in old movie clips and read his quotes.

“My son. Andy, and my son-in-law, Mark, are great examples of good fathers and husbands.”

My son, Andy, and my son-in-law, Mark, are great examples of good fathers and husbands. Their patience seems to be one of their attributes plus both have a great love for God and a wonderful sense of humor. I’m sure I am leaving someone out that should be included and will wish my memory wasn’t so lacking after sending this off.

Preisdent Reagan comes to mind as one of those once-in-a-lifetime John Wayne characters. I didn’t include “The Duke,” as I’m not so sure his personal life I would completely approve of. I also have a sinking feeling that many of our young boys today are going to lose a good part of what a “good man” is all about, as we seem to be removing that strong male gender identification that is so needed in all young men today. I worry not about our youth on farms and ranches and hope that they can set many examples of what work, dedication and ambitious ethics are all about. I am so proud of so many of our young girls today taking charge of their lives in a positive way and having the confidence to tackle the world. I am NOT in favor of girls in the BOY Scouts! I have said many times I wish we had do-overs so I could go back and correct many of my past mistakes as a husband, father and mentor.

Stay tuned, check yer cinch on occasion, and guys, I hope all y’all had a great Father’s Day and will make a real effort to be “good men” and rise to the occasion when expected to set the right examples. When you ride, “ride high, wide and handsome,” and I’ll c. y’all, all y’all.

Mad Jack Hanks

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