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Hanks: How tough do cowboys have to be?

How tough do cowboys have to be gentle readers? Well, Baxter Black says the toughest man he ever met was a cowboy who was bucked off and came down on a “bob” wire fence.

It slit him from his crotch right up to his chin. He jest let out his stirrups and rode right on in! Friends, that’s one tough hombre, right?

I could never be that tough! I once got bucked off about 8 or 9 feet into the air and came down on my shoulders and the back of my head into the gravel. Did that hurt, Mad Jack? You asked. Dang right it hurt.

I laid there not wanting to move. Because my kids were with me I did get up and one of the cowboys had brought ol’ Jiggs back so I could get mounted again.

“Holy smoke, Batman, I couldn’t believe how calm Tom was, getting’ almost ripped apart by this ol’ cat, and from the expressions on the guys faces, they were ‘dumb founded’ at his demeanor.”

We were expecting trucks to pick up a load of steers and we had just got started to gather them. I got back on, we gathered the steers and I told my kids and the cowboy crew that I was going to load up my horse, go to the hospital and get checked out.

I did. I had informed the crew to come by and pick up my rig and get my horse unloaded and taken care of when the trucks had left. I stayed in the hospital bed only a few hours and had a friend who had taken the kids to her house, as Martha was out of town, come pick me up and take me and the kids home. She did.

I just had a badly sprained neck and shoulder and it bothered me for years as I absolutely could not sleep on a pillow.

I had fired one of my cowboys as he was selling hay to his friends and keeping the money. He was a good cowboy and always wanted to be the best. He was just a thief.

He had loaded up his belongings and his family and stopped at the barn to retrieve an old tom cat that his little girl wanted to take with them. I noticed a few of the cowboys gathered up to tell him bye and I went down to do the same.

He was trying to put ol’ tom in a cage when the cat bit him and ran under the saddle room. Tom, not the cat, got down and reached under the saddle room and grabbed that ol’ tom cat. That cat attached himself to Tom’s arm biting and clawin’ and drawing blood. Tom, the cowboy, never changed his mild expression and simply placed the cat into the cage while carrying on a conversation.

Holy smoke, Batman, I couldn’t believe how calm Tom was, getting’ almost ripped apart by this ol’ cat, and from the expressions on the guys faces, they were “dumb founded” at his demeanor.

I have known cowboys that should have never considered “cowboyin” as a profession as they were not in any shape or form tough enough to do what was expected of them. You might guess most didn’t stay on the job very long.

Well, was ol’ Tom tougher than Mad Jack? I say yes, now I was not as tough as Baxter’s cowboy and hope to never have to find out. Old guys like me just lay back and relive the past. It’s more fun that way and a heck of lot safer!

Stay tuned, check yer cinch on occasion, and don’t be the guy that starts the next fire! I’ll c. y’all, all y’all.❖

Mad Jack Hanks

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