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Hanks: It’s a matter of respect

Well, now gentle readers, I can guarantee you this old cowboy has been shown a lack of respect by any number of folks over the years. I would almost bet you might feel the same way on occasion.

I’ve had young cowboys that worked for me get a little “mouthy” from time to time because I reckon I allowed them to express themselves. I’ve worked for outfits that didn’t want your opinion about absolutely nothing! I think it must have intimidated the cow boss if any of the crew spoke up.

I’m sure by now that you’ve heard about this 30-year-old college educated divorced father who has been living with his parents for the last eight years. Oh my! I suppose there is a couple of different ways to look at his situation: his parents did raise him. Did they make some mistakes along the way?

Hummmm, I would say maybe a little tough love now and then would have been their benefactor. Anyhooo, after asking him to move out on many occasions without any result they offered to pay him to move out. Are you kiddin’ me Charlie Brown?

“There are all kinds of jobs available today and too many folks that don’t want to fill them.”

Nope, no deal, he liked living at home with no responsibilities and having a free ride the whole way. His folks tired of being shown no respect at all over the last eight years took this long-haired hippie to court to have him evicted.

The judge agreed with them and told this lazy, unambitious, slob to “GIT OUT AND STAY OUT.” Well this feller goes and gets his own attorney to fight this and he wants another three months to gather up his meager belongings and give himself time to get organized to move.

As many of you did, when I graduated high school (after working in the oil patch every summer since age 14), I took off to find my way in the real world. I pretty well knew what to expect but I will say it was somewhat of a minor shock when the rubber hit the road.

There are all kinds of jobs available today and too many folks that don’t want to fill them. Either, in my opinion, they have lost their own self respect or never had a sack full to start with. I think it’s fine for folks to help their children out when they need it the most, but it’s wrong to cripple them by not giving them the boot when that would help them the most.

I’ve always enjoyed the satisfaction of finishing up a long day of doing something that I enjoyed doing and that was being outside doing physical work. Too many kids today just have never had that opportunity and might relish it if given the chance to do so. I think most young folks today want to contribute to their well being and know that it was something that they did on their own.

Then again, we have some like this lazy, self-centered moocher that is just too lazy to help mom and dad in their retirement by getting out of the way and out of their house. He must have been one of those that received that “participation trophy” for just showing up. Just sayin’…..!

Stay tuned, check yer cinch on occasion and chew on this, “respect is an earned attribute, and not because you have come to believe your presence is most important because, well because, it’s YOU! I’ll c. y’all, all y’all.

Mad Jack Hanks

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