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Hanks: The edge of the cliff

Gentle readers, on occasion there are news worthy stories that really upset me. I find myself thinking that just can’t be true. Nobody would do that, would they? They would!

When professional football players and some of their coaches and staff begin this disgusting display of not standing for our National Anthem, I was upset as I’m sure many of you were. I thought, “who in the hell do these folks think they are with their excessive salaries and their position in the game of life.”

Next page, I see where a 20-year female employee of one of our local school systems here in Colorado has been charged with assault and put on paid leave for making a middle school student stand for the Pledge of Allegiance! I got really, really mad when I saw that on the local news.

They won’t tell you if the student’s parent or the school filed the complaint and had this woman charged. Yep, she had to go to the police station and get booked.

“There are folks that would do away with any and all oil and natural gas exploration. We would all drive electric cars or ride bicycles.”

I wonder where this little ingrate got the idea he didn’t have to stand if he didn’t want to? The truth is, as I have found out doing some research, that students can opt out of standing for religious reasons if they so choose. Is it just me or would you agree that maybe God wouldn’t be all that upset if they stood like the rest of the class? Just sayin’. There again, I don’t know if his religion played a part or not.

Me thinks that too many folks in my America are pushing us to the edge of the cliff and I’m havin’ a hard time trying to figure out why. There are folks that would have every rancher shoved off of public land and turn it over to wild horses only. There are folks that would remove recreation from our national parks.

These are the same folks that have put so much public pressure on circus folks and any sport or entertainment that involves animals that many times it’s just not worth the effort to continue on.

There are folks that would do away with any and all oil and gas exploration. We would all drive electric cars or ride bicycles. I just discovered with a little investigation that if you drive an electric car, (it starts with a P) it cost 75 cents a mile to drive it after the cost of recharging the batteries. It cost 10 cents a mile to drive the average car today.

The problem I find with most folks that think like this is that there is no room for you to express your opinion. Nope, none at all.

Once in a great while I get that sort of nasty, condescending email where I am taken to task for my conservative views and my love for freedom and all this country affords. Many of the cliff-shoving folks are like our last president who believed that this America just didn’t deserve all that it had. We needed to be put on a level playing field like the rest of the world.

The school shooting was the most recent heartbreak. I gotta’ tell ya folks, it is time for some pushing back, real hard pushing back to maintain what little we have managed to hang on to. It’s country folks and folks that have the same values as we do that will put this country back in balance. God bless the NRA, the ROTC, our local law, and responsible gun owners of America.

Stay tuned, my friends, be resolved to take whatever steps you feel necessary (legally of course) to win this fight and it is a fight! I’ll c. y’all, all y’all.❖


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