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Hanks: The first day of summer

Yes ma’am, it is the first day of summer, June 1, 2018. I’ve been lookin’ for this day for a good while as I expect many of you gentle readers have.

The month of June provides a lot of action for farmers and ranchers. Lots of planting going on while making plans to cut hay next month.

It’s branding time on the ranches and that’s the cash crop for many in the livestock business. I will be receiving a handful of pairs and a bull to run through part of the summer here at the ONO.

When I looked out at a few minutes after five this morning and watched that red glow in the east it reminded me of those many mornings on the LX Ranch north of Amarillo, Texas, when I would, along with a crew of cowboys, already be a’horseback and lined out by the cow boss where to ride to gather those large pastures.

“I have been blessed with ample rain lately and have grass out the, well, I have an abundance of grass and of course weeds.”

The weather always required a jacket as it was always a little windy and cool. A little wind down from Cheyenne, Wyo., this morning and cool when I went out to feed.

By the time those cows and calves were penned on the LX and the branding ritual was started, it would be getting pretty warm, you betcha’.

I have been blessed with ample rain lately and have grass out the, well, I have an abundance of grass and of course weeds.

I have spent the last couple of weeks mowing some parts of my pastures to knock down early weed infestations. I haven’t seen any rattlers as of yet but always keep my eyes on the ground when I’m out and about.

I was informed the other day by a neighbor that his daughter-in-law’s mom fell from her horse while riding bareback on a gravel road. The horse wheeled to look at other horses that ran up to the fence.

She hit her head on the hard road, was rushed to the hospital but passed away from her injuries.

Sad, sad, so very sad. A terrible way for a family to start out the summer with such an unexpected tragedy. I said all of that to remind all of you to have fun but always be tuned in to the fact that these things can and will happen.

I have lots to get done this summer and am looking forward to the months ahead. I will miss the Harley as I take a second glance at every bike that goes by.

I just heard on the radio that Florida is expecting to have a much cooler summer than usual. There goes that “cotton pickin’ global warming” again. I hate it when that happens.

Stay tuned, check yer cinch on occasion and remember to count yer blessings, love on your family, especially those kids, be reasonable in all you attempt and I’ll c. y’all, all y’all.

Mad Jack Hanks

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