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Hanks: The girls of South America

Gentle readers, I decided to check out a new dental hygiene person that had come to our little village. My, my what a tiny little petite lady, she was not much bigger than her shadow but very cute with a personality that lacked nothing as far as I could tell.

“Let me tell you somthin’ about me and how long I have bean doin’ this work. I have come to this country many years ago and have bean involved in the dental community for twenty tree jears. Can you believe it?” she offered. “No ma’am I reckon I can’t ‘cause you only look to be 20 years old or so.”

“GOOD ANSWER,” she shot back.

So now she goes to work cleaning my teeth, scrape, poke, more scrape and a little more poke. One particular poke caused me to flinch. “Oh, em I poke you to much?” “Well, maybe just a little softer,” I said.

“Oh, I forgot to mention early on in our introduction she asked me if I might know where she was from?”

And softer it was. Oh, I forgot to mention early on in our introduction she asked me if I might know where she was from?

“VENEZUELA? right?” I meekly spoke. “Who tolla’ you this?” she was somewhat taken back. “Nobody ma’am, lucky guess I reckon. “Sumbody tolla’ you, right?” “No, I just happened to guess right but let me explain how I came to that conclusion, okay?”

“Chur, go for it!” she replied.

“Well, see, so I have danced with a good many women from South America and there is something that stands out that I can recognize most of the time. I don’t know how to explain it I just know it’s there.” She is almost choking on all the smoke I’m blowin’ her way.

I went on, “Colorado State University allows students from South American countries to come to the university to study (I believe) some of the methods American farmers and ranchers use in producing their products. That being said, it seems that someone from CSU will bring large groups out to the dance hall and saloon where I hang out on the weekends. All of the woman just have a special bond with music and love to dance. Many want to learn how to do the “two-step, waltz, and three-step (polka). So, someone needs to volunteer to make that sacrifice and step up to the plate as an instructor and that’s where I got to dance with a lot of girls from South America, okay?”

“I teach the dance in Venezuela,” she quipped.

“Salsa?” I offered.

“Ghes, and now I teach the Zumba here in Fort Collins.” I shut up at that point and let her do her job and it was apparent that she had been through some tough times down there when she presented me with my bill. I teased her about how high I thought it was (it wasn’t really that far off) and I paid her and I shook her little hand, gave her a big smile and told her I would be back.

And I will. She was fun and that always helps anytime in a dentist office.

So, you guys, stay tuned, check yer cinch on occasion, never fail to lighten up a little and enjoy this wonderful life we share here in AMERICA!!. I’ll c. y’all, all y’all.

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