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Hanks: The thrill of the hunt

Gentle readers, have you ever wondered where the name of Teddy Bear came from? I never did, but I’m about to tell ya.

While watchin’ the “telly” the other evening I was made aware of how the teddy bear came to be. It seems in 1903, President Theodore Roosevelt was on a guided hunting expedition in Montana, or somewhere there about.

The hunt was a failure and the guide and his party not wanting the president to be disappointed captured a little bear cub and tied him to a tree so the president would have something to show for his hunt. President “Teddy” refused to shoot the little cub and so it became Teddy’s bear or the Teddy Bear. Good on you Mr. President!

On the other hand we have Ol’ Sampson, the biggest bull elk ever to wander around Estes Park, Colo., and the locals loved seeing him. He just makes himself at home in people’s yards or downtown.

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Now there was this one feller that just couldn’t stand not to have Sampson’s rack hanging on his wall, so he goes out one night with a bow and arrow to slay this beast. A bow and arrow don’t make any noise, get it?

Well, this feller did kill Ol’ Sampson, and he got caught. It cost him his weapons, couldn’t never hunt again, a huge fine, Ol’ Sampson’s rack went to the county, I believe along with his meat to feed the needy.

Moving right along, we have this police officer who lives in a suburb of Denver and is always seeing this big ol’ bull elk that wanders around the neighborhood making friends and living the good life.

“Hummm, I wonder how I could kill him and make it look like a legitimate kill? I sure would like to have his head mounted in my den,” this officer pondered.

Finally, one night he decided to shoot this bull and tell everyone it was a mercy killing as the bull had been hit by a car and was suffering.

Sooooo, he shoots the bull, calls one of his buddies to help him load the bull in his truck and get him home.

He also got caught. Lost his job, lost the elk, lost his right to hunt, lost his weapons, lost respect of the community and paid an enormous fine! The thrill of the hunt.

They have hunting ranches in Texas where they build high fences, purchase exotic animals from zoos or carnivals and then charge BIG BUCKS to come out and shoot certain animals. It’s like they can get you right up close and you just shoot them right out of the Jeep.

I’m watchin’ this video where they have this jaguar in a horse trailer and the hunter is to shoot him when they turn him loose. There are dogs at the ready so if the hunter misses, the dogs can tree the cat where he can then be shot.

Oh, the thrill of the hunt. When the jaguar was released the dogs jumped on him and he ran under the trailer to hide. That’s where he was shot. Man, does it get any better than that?

Sad, sad, sad. If a lion is a threat to your livestock and livelihood, I say anything goes, but not this!

Then we have Ruby Ridge, Waco, Texas, and rancher LeVoy Finicum, friend of the Bundys who dared to show up wearing a pistol and trying to evade a federal roadblock.

He stuck his truck in a snowbank, got out stumbling around in the deep snow like a one-legged duck trying to gain his balance. Hands in the air, up, then down and around as he stumbled in the snow.

I watched the video five times. I did not see him reach for his pistol. They said he did or was about to so they shot him three times. He fell dead there in the snow.

All who knew him called him a good father, husband, patriot and friend to all. A tragedy and for sure a travesty. The thrill of the hunt.

Stay tuned, check yer cinch on occasion and I hope all of you step into this new year with all good things headed your way. Thank you for your support and I’ll c. y’all, all y’all. ❖


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