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Hanks: The value of conversation

Gentle readers, I suppose there are different ways to communicate. Some folks have to use sign language, others can understand a conversation just by looking into another’s eyes and reading their various expressions.

I talk “west Texas” and sometimes I find folks asking me to repeat what I just said. I usually comment in a kidding manner, “I can talk slower if ya want me to.”

Actually I think I have been blessed to be able to talk to most folks anytime anywhere without being intimidated. You and I both know folks that would rather take a beating than to have to get up in front of others and speak. Then again, I know some folks once they open their “yaps” you couldn’t shut them up if you stuck a wet mop in their mouth.

Here’s a little story for you about the value and art of conversation. It seems Leon, Bubba and Cooter are those guys that climb the big communication towers and maintain them. They have just climbed up a 200-foot tower when Leon’s safety belt breaks and he falls screaming to the ground.

“I have always squirmed a little when I hear a man use foul language in the presence of women.”

BOOM! Bubba and Cooter hurry down only to find him deceased. “Wow, says Cooter, who is gonna go tell his wife that he’s dead?” Bubba says, “I’ll go. I’m a better speaker than you are. You would just ring the door bell and when she came to the door you’d blurt out “Leon fell and he’s DEAD!” Bubba continued on, “I will be smoother and make it easier on her,” and off he goes.

Two hours later Bubba returns with a case of beer under one arm. “Dang, Bubba, says Cooter, ya mean ya just went and told her that Leon was dead and she gave ya a case of beer?” “Nope, didn’t happen like that, says Bubba. I rang the door bell and when she comes to the door I says, “you must be Leon’s widder?” She says, “no, I’m his wife,” and I says, “I’ll bet ya a case of Bud Light”! Dilly, Dilly!

I have always squirmed a little when I hear a man use foul language in the presence of women. I was taught that you treat a woman like a lady until she proves otherwise, then all bets are off. I had a fella recently blurt out a very profane statement when I had a couple sitting with me at my table at the dance hall. He did it in such an “in your face way” that I was really ticked.

“Man, you don’t need to talk like that. I don’t appreciate that kind of language when there are ladies present and I don’t want any more of it.”

The feller got mad, got up and left. A couple of weeks later he came in and sat down and offered, “I want to apologize for what I said a couple of weeks back. I have gotten really bad at doing that and I’m glad you corrected me. You won’t hear me talking like that at your table any more if there are women there.”

I thanked him and it was a relief that we could still be friends.

I know there are third graders that talk on occasion as crude as my friend did and I am shocked sometimes to hear what young women spew out of their mouths. I am certainly no saint when it comes to crude language. I worked with oil field hands, cowboys and even preachers that used that way to communicate. I’m am an old-fashioned feller when it comes to how men present themselves to the opposite sex. Like I said, until they prove otherwise!

Stay tuned, check yer cinch on occasion, always be a gentleman around the ladies. They are someone’s daughter, granddaughter or mom. I’ll c. y’all, all y’all. ❖


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