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Hanks: This land is my land

As I make the drive into our little burg of Wellington, Colo., by way of county roads I see a lot of folks that display “Old Glory” and it makes me happy. It makes me proud to live where many of my neighbors are proud to fly the flag.

We are coming up on the Fourth of July, Independence Day, to celebrate our hard-won independence and the many times we have run to the aid of those who needed America’s help around the globe.

Here’s the deal. This land I own is MY LAND, NOT YOUR LAND! There are those in this country that would open our borders to the whole world because it would make them FEEL GOOD!

With the current situation along our borders we need to establish again to those folks that, “if their brains were lard, they couldn’t grease a skillet,” there is a way to come to America and be welcomed LEGALLY!

“Those with the “little lard brains” just won’t accept the facts that are staring them in the face. Like I’ve said before, I think too many are educated beyond their capacity to have any common sense whatsoever!”

Yep, there sure is. We have a system where you can apply for citizenship and it will be granted if you go through the process the correct way.

I love little kids as much as anyone could, however, they are not my kids. I didn’t birth them or drag them across the country in hopes of gaining access to America because Americans are loving and kind folks.

Have you forgotten that kids from South America were sent here by the thousands without their parents and guided by sometimes unsavory adults (mules)? It was their parents who sent them off and split up their families by choice.

Who took care of them and saw they were well fed and all health issues were addressed? We did!

What’s the right number of folks we can allow into our country and still have a country? That number at present is still in the wind, but I guarantee you gentle readers, we CANNOT accommodate everyone who wants to live here.

Those with the “little lard brains” just won’t accept the facts that are staring them in the face. Like I’ve said before, I think too many are educated beyond their capacity to have any common sense whatsoever!

Of course you won’t see any of them opening their doors and taking these families into their home with their children and know nothing about them.

The sad truth is many of these immigrants are carrying diseases, have mental problems etc. They are not all healthy, happy, loving folks just needing a hand up and a way out of poverty.

The bottom line this old cowboy believes is that it’s all politics. Get them in the country, put them on welfare, educate their kids and give them free health care and they will vote for our party! It’s as simple as that. If the above mentioned folks really wanted to embrace these families whose children are in front of the camera bawlin’ their little eyes out, they would try to adopt these families and take care of them so you and I didn’t have to.

Am I a crusty old man with a hard heart, I hope not. I hope I am just a realist and I CAN see the forest for the trees! By the way, for you Hollywood folks and journalist that HATE America, get the hell out and make a little more room for someone that really wants to be here!

Stay tuned, check yer cinch on occasion, have a SAFE, PROUD AND HAPPY 4TH OF JULY! I’ll c. y’all, all y’all. ❖

Mad Jack Hanks

The Branding Pen


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