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Hanks: What’s in your wallet?

What’s in your wallet?” Gentle readers we have all seen that television commercial where the man with the glasses steps up and wants to know what’s in our wallet. Of course he is a pitch man for some investment company. By the way, they want to get in your wallet!

There ain’t much in my wallet and it sure as heck ain’t none of their business. There is just enough to keep old Mad Jack happy as a set of jumper cables in a used car lot in Minot, N.D., in February. (jumpin’)

I came across a story recently and it dealt with how often middle-aged white men without a college degree were dying faster than than their college educated counterparts. It didn’t mention if middle-aged white women without college degrees were dying off faster than their college educated counterparts. Hummmm, I wonder why? I thought that women wanted to be as successful in life in every phase as their male counterparts. Maybe just not this particular phase of life!

Anyhoo, I found the article, in my mind, to be some more of that “fake news.” I’ll tell ya why I think that. How long has it been since on the telly on a daily basis did we hear about how some person with a doctorate degree was flipping burgers or driving a taxi or stacking lumber in a lumber yard?

“Now that cowboy job can be a tough order to fill and I doubt some feller with a degree in economics could pull it off.”

Yep, the talk was how important it was to have some skill set that would provide one a living in an environment where some amount of hard labor was required? You know like being a welder, carpenter, truck driver, lumberjack or heck, maybe even a cowboy. Now that cowboy job can be a tough order to fill and I doubt if some feller with a degree in economics could pull it off. Some might, but not very many.

This article goes on to say that white men, not white women, are more likely to go into depression quicker and their health fail them earlier in life than say men of color or Hispanics. By the way, I’ve always considered all of us are folks of color. I just happened to be colored white!

I had to ruminate on that for a moment and then it struck me that most likely these white men of this age group were in that “white privilege” bunch of folks we keep hearing about. They were never made to carry out the trash, make their own bed, always had a decent allowance in their pocket and were ALWAYS presented with a participation trophy win, lose or draw. Yep, they never learned how to lose. They never learned how to handle a situation like that when there was not someone to bail them out.

I think I can almost guarantee you that a man that puts in a full day of labor goes home feeling better about himself than a man that sits in a cubicle all day competing with the person in the cubicles on either side of him.

Why do you think when you look at a Kohl’s ad or an ad from a large department store that the men dressed in suits and ties are all wearing scrubby beards as if they were lumberjacks, cowboys or what not? That’s about the only way they can establish their manhood by not shaving and trying to look rugged in a business suit.

I do wish that I had gotten my college degree as both our children have, but then again I would just be an educated cowboy. Just sayin’…..

Stay tuned, check yer cinch on occasion and please don’t believe everything you see on the news or read on this contraption called a “confuser” (computer)! Work hard, set good examples wherever you go and in whatever you do and I’ll c. y’all, all y’all.❖

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Mad Jack Hanks

The cowboy in me


I reckon he has always been there. I also believe that most folks, male or female, that are or have been “cowboys” for a good portion of their lives also had that “cowboy” in them…

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