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Hanks: When enough is enough

Gentle readers, how many times have you heard someone say, “enough already?” I may not have said it as many as some of you, but I have sure thought it!

I have heard it said, “you can’t have too much fun!” Yes, you can! I have. I know that little ol’ Charlie Brown must have gotten awful tired of Lucy jerking that football away just as he put all of his effort into kicking it.

There have been those times you and I have both over eaten because the food was so delicious we didn’t want to quit stuffin’ our faces, right? We paid a price for it didn’t we?

There have also been those times that we overworked ourselves because we just wanted to get a certain task behind us. Either we slept like a log or didn’t sleep at all because we couldn’t relax those overworked muscles or get our brain to disconnect for a while.

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I managed a ranch for some folks that seemed to never be satisfied with what they had. We are all a little like that I suppose, but we didn’t have the resources these guys had. After I left their employment they built a new home on the “rancho grande.” I have been told it cost in excess of $40 million or so. Yep, million! I have looked it up on the internet and it appears that it may have cost more than that and the thing is, these folks only came to the ranch about three to five times a year for a few days or a couple of weeks at the most.

I reckon if ya got it, flaunt it! These were a different breed of cats that I had ever been around and I was somewhat of a surprise to them as well. Oil and water if you get my drift.

How many times do we see someone win millions playing the lottery just to end up flat broke in a few years? I think some folks that have never been exposed to that kind of wealth are over come and overwhelmed with their new fortune and before ya know it, it’s all gone.

On the other hand, I managed a ranch for folks that couldn’t stack it up high enough but were very conservative but generous to a fault with employees when they felt like they could be. Enough can be enough when we are wise enough to recognize it’s time to holler “CALF ROPE.”

I hated those two-a-day football workouts every year before school even started. Most of us were out of shape in one way or another, and getting back in shape was painful, very painful.

There were many times running those 100-yard wind sprints that “enough is enough” already. I have felt the same way preg checking cows on a hot humid day and you would look back and think that you would never get through and that is such a nasty job anyway. “CALF ROPE.”

That ol’ Wiley Coyote must have wondered how many more times the cartoonist was going to punish him while chasing and trying to outwit the Road Runner. Bam! Crash! Boom! He was always on the short end of the stick.

To tell ya the truth, this ol’ cowboy has just about had enough of the RUSSIAN PROBE into the last election! How about you? “CALF ROPE.”

After all my friends, these folks runnin’ this country are supposed to be smarter than us and above all else be ADULTS! NOT!

Oh well, we have other things to worry about as well. There are the “CARCRASHIANS,” GLOBAL WARMING, IS ELVIS REALLY DEAD? AND WILL DAGWOOD AND HERBERT ever find peace in the neighborhood?

Oh, and our expiration date, we wonder about that at times.

Stay tuned, check yer cinch on occasion, be glad we have a real man as our president and I hope you remembered to get your sweetie something for Valentine’s Day. I’ll c. y’all, all y’all.❖


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