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Hanks: When it all comes together

Don’t it feel good, gentle readers, when it all comes together for you and you just couldn’t see it happening? Well, it was sorta’ like that for me this past week. It hasn’t quite all come together as of yet because I’m still waiting for that good summer rain and thunderstorm. However, here are a couple of things that did come together. My ol’ Allis Chalmers tractor just sort of quit on me while mowing weeds down in the pasture. Yep, she just sort of decided it was just too hot.

No doubt about it. It has been hot and still is at this writing. I determined that it had to be the battery, as it didn’t seem to want to take a charge. Sooooo, I get the new battery, install it and nada, nothing, zero. Being quite out of sorts at this point as it’s hotter than Hades, the weeds are gettin’ taller and I’m gettin’ older, I called my friend, “Animal.” He is a darn good shade tree mechanic so he stops by the next afternoon. He’s havin’ a problem because he can’t figure out why the old girl just won’t make a sound. Suddenly he starts “laffin” and says to me, “Jack, go get me a half-inch wrench.” “Why, what’s wrong, I know that I installed that battery the correct way?” “Just go get me the wrench,” he demanded. When I came back he showed me when I installed the battery I neglected to remove the rubber cover off the negative post on the battery. “Wow, man I can’t believe that I did that,” I offered. I could believe that I did that as I seem to either be unfocused or “old timers” is trying to set in as I have made a few errors in the past weeks. Scary!

I was sitting on the back deck wondering why the Hummingbirds did not show this year. I had the feeder out for a couple of weeks and no birds. Wouldn’t ya know it? Right at that moment one Hummingbird flew in and took a drink and I thought, “‘son of a gun,’” they are going to come this year.” Yep, it’s coming together.

My dentist has been having some trouble making a “bridge” fit properly that I just paid $2,000 for. I’ve been a little cranky as it was making a sore spot on my gum, and I wasn’t able to eat with it in. Finally, finally he made the right adjustments to where I believe that it’s going to be okay. Yep, it seems to just be coming together when I wasn’t sure that it would.

“My ol’ Allis Chalmers tractor just sort of quit on me while mowing weeds down in the pasture. Yep, she just sort of decided it was just too hot.”

By the way, the Allis Chalmers is going to be for sale as I have decided to try and find a tractor I can afford that has a cab on it for this next winter. Old “Alice” is a good tractor. It’s a D17 (54HP) with a farmhand loader and everything works except the lights. If you have a tractor for sale (35-70 hp) with a cab and loader, let me know.

If I could get that good rain we have been promised this weekend, and I can get old Alice sold and find a good replacement, IT WILL HAVE ALL COME TOGETHER!

Stay tuned, check yer cinch on occasion, send me rain and a tractor, may God bless this wonderful country we live in and I’ll c. y’all, all y’all. ❖

Mad Jack Hanks

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