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Hanks: When you’re hot, you’re hot

Good morning out there in America land. Well, gentle readers, the weather girl says maybe 104 for Denver today. I’m a good 85 miles from Denver and a little higher where I live so I don’t expect it to get that hot.

I can already hear some of you global warming folks sayin’,” YEAH, WHAT DO YA THINK NOW MR. SMARTY PANTS ABOUT GLOBAL WARMING?” Here’s what I think, I think it was hotter than this a few times before now ‘cause the weather girl says we might not break the record of 105, So there!

Haven’t y’all noticed every time we get really hot, it’s always been hotter in the past. That tells me that the climate is cooling ever so slightly.

As a sidebar I wanted to pass on a couple of little suggestions that you might want to digest this summer.

“Haven’t y’all noticed every time we get really hot, it’s always been hotter in the past. That tells me that the climate is cooling ever so slightly.”

If you have a fly problem, the yellow domed “Trap and Toss” fly traps really work. I have been using them for years and you will be surprised at how stupid flies really are. Another little gem I just happened on this summer is an insecticide spray called Farm and Dairy C. V. 80D that will knock miller moths on their little respective butts!

Yep, for sure. I have tried many sprays and methods to get rid of them (on the outside) of the house and this one will get it done. On the inside, the old vacuum is pretty handy of course with a pan of soapy water under a night light!

All of that being said, yes it is HOT and in a day or so it will cool back down with a chance of showers. The snow for the most part has left the mountain tops. Southwestern Colorado in the Durango, Cortez, Silverton, Montrose and Grand Junction areas are dry, dry and drier. That’s unusual for that part of the state. My son, Andy, tells me that Glade Park (his home area) is drier than he has seen in the last 12 years he has lived there.

By the way, a little plug for my wonderful son. He has started a business where he will rent you a new travel trailer, or dirt bike or ATV and go set up your camp site for you if necessary and then come back and pick it up when you are done havin’ fun. Go to his website ROCKYTRAX and you can find him on Instagram.

You won’t meet a nicer young man, I guarantee it. I reckon my ramblin’ is purty much over for this column so I’ll “hit the road Jack” until we meet again.

Stay tuned, check yer cinch on occasion, be sure the old ponies have some shade and I’ll c. y’all, all y’all. ❖

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